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Two major levels in the nervous system which are influencing the process of handwriting.
A veteran sea captain's encounter with the paranormal.
How long is it since you sent somebody a hand-written letter? How long is it since you have written and sent one? It is so easy to send a text or an email to convey information or greetings to friends. Hand-written letters are becoming less relevant in today’s technology driven soci...
Graphology has been controversial for more than a century. Although supporters point to the anecdotal evidence of thousands of positive testimonials as a reason to use it for personality evaluation, most empirical studies fail to show the validity claimed by its supporters. http://en....
Stopping our regular habit of writing will definitely spoil our handwriting and so it is advisable to continue wiring daily which will be very helpful in the long run as you will get back your beautiful handwriting
It is unfortunate that some countries began to eliminate from the school curriculum the lesson of art of writing beautifully (calligraphy) and replace them with the skills to use computers to his students. While people not easy to get this lesson in the past.
This page is about Changes in Handwriting. Our Handwriting may change due to our age.
This article talks about how to improve handwriting of your kids. There are different ways to improve a child's handwriting, a few of them are discussed in this article.
Have we all become slaves to the keyboard? Should we put aside our computer for a while and re-connect with the old world
Modern computer era has neglected handwriting. It is not surprising that people of present century write less. Modern technology has taken away the habit of writing on paper. Is there any necessity to develop handwriting anymore?
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