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Being a herdsman Abraham traveled the region with his flocks and at the time of this happening was living in Gerar. Once again in fear for his life he had told the people that Sarah was his sister, rather than his wife.
So many people wonder at their lives and why things happen to them that really should they think! Yet our lives are a continual working out of lessons from the past..past lifetimes as well...sometimes instant karma might be better than having to re-embody!!! many will not ...
Events may happen or may not happen, we never know. We should just give our best shot and wait for the rest
a short story about a retired man who heard noises, in the night when the clock had struck midnight. Purely an invented tale.
A poem dedicated to those in Colorado affected by the fires and from the shooting.
January of 2011 was a most happening month. This is a humorous recap of the same.
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