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Of Happiness Some saddists derive happiness out of malice Let them bask in their folly
By discovering things to acknowledge without a moment's hesitation you stream simpler with your life - you let the waterway of life take you. Figure out how to admire your life first as it is can bring practically mysterious results.
This poetry is dedicated to one who has been widowed since long ..but refuses to accept it even after decades.
A real life scene as I saw it last night I EXPERIENCED IN A RESTAURANT
happiness is simply poetically put across a state of one's mind Sound advic just be happy with what you have...
How the power of music can lift you up like crazy and make a dreary world look like heaven. Live music. Live happiness. Live life.
Is there happiness in possession of material things? It appears that way to some extent. But, if we analyze deeply, we'll come to a conclusion that money is not everything. And money cannot buy the real 'happiness'. Because the things we buy can only give us 'pleasure', NOT happiness.
A ticket purchased and checked lazily after 3 whole days when he himself was the winner and cherished wisely after him getting this prize of 1 million dollars,here the story goes about.
What is the happiest thing that one can ever ask for in this world?
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