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A poem about freedom and what it means. Read this poem if you need freedom in your life.
If the promises for good health and beautiful body didn’t make you more aware to your way of nutrition and sport, maybe the perspective of having more energy for a more satisfying life will do it instead! (the good part of this new perspective is that it does not require drastic ch...
We are so busy in our daily life, that sometimes we forget that what we have at home is the most important; The time spent with our life partners is the most important, not running all day for money and recognition!
A wish everyone have a happy, loving, close family that truly cares and treats you right. What I wish for everyone.
Depression effects many people if not everyone. i have come up with 7 ways you can change your life style and lift your mood without resorting to medication.
Are you happy or are you feeling symptoms of happiness? Happiness shows itself in many ways. The signs of happiness you see in others are the results not the cause of their happiness.
Children do it, wild animals do it, and you can definitely benefit from it too. Get your head out of the gutter … I started saying children do it … lol
When our birthday comes around once a year, it brings with it the season of celebration
Today we speak of happiness and to be specific, if whether it can be brought via material wealth or if there is more to life than just money.
Living in the now is the winning way to live, sure. Although it is good to be prepared to an extent in future oriented ways. We are about as happy as we make up our minds to be, now.
Life is all about the concept of love and the interpretation it conveys, joy and peaceful harmony in contentment or miscarriage of duty?
Drifting apart from those people we used to have in our lives is one of the most difficult experiences growing up but we must face the fact that nothing last forever
This poem is about happiness that it brings a tear to your eyes. It's an okay poem. I like it
This is a poem that was inspired by the Day of The Dead
Always remember that you deserve the best. I hope you will like this poem.
Yes, even when others try to tell us otherwise, we deserve the best.
It is the responsibility of each individual to eat hygienic food while he is eating food at hotels and restaurants
You were given this life because you have enough strenght to life it. Inspirations came from anywhere as well as distractions. It's up to you if you want to succeed or be distracted.
This is for those who do not spend the majority their days feeling fulfilled at work… I’ve been there, and I may be there again someday, so this is a minder as well as a reminder.
People have been thinking about good and evil for perhaps thousands of years. If God is totally good, whence comes evil? If evil exists, why doesn't the good do more to eradicate it? This article is an opinion piece, where I offer the reader a few ideas of my own about the problem...
This poem echoes the pain in the past, those who happen to experience failure in love. The author wants to voice out her contentions that as long as we live, there is always a chance to meet the true love of life.
Recently I have been wondering about how much control money really has over our lives and whether the effects are either positive or negative.
We all want to win, but who loves to train. I can tell you what the training is in this synopsis and use this series of sections to work out exactly what I mean: To really win is to honestly do it without cheating, sneaky games, or self congratulatory meaningless actions. To really wi...
Would you allow yourself to be struck by one of the mysteries of life?
Nothing Bad Ever Happens is my new favourite phrase and you know what it is so true, everything that happens in our lives can be overcome and each situation teaches us something new. Take control of life, rather than life taking control of you and your potential is limitless.
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