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Hello all Nee- howmah!....Very nice ...A very happy new year for all friends and foes. A very happier 2015
The state of Delaware is filled with haunted destinations, and Wilmington, Delaware is one of the oldest cities in the state, and possibly one of the most haunted.
What does a true wiz at fixing things and love have in common in life?.
Are you looking forward to happy hour and kicking a few back to help relax from the day?.
What does love and winning big in the casino have in common?....
Taking a town at face value and reaping the consequences...
Years go and years come as the time passes, but there is always a happy new year to live on. This poem is dedicated to all of you, my near & dear friends and relatives. ~Rathna
This is avery simple, to the point poem for the ensuing Happy New Year, which has now commenced round the world.
True happiness can be hard to find. I will try to explain what simple things can actually boost your mood and put you in a happy state.
Some of my poetic friend or fan, went deep into my profile to read some poem I had composed, a long time ago This is my salutation for him/her.
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