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A poem about freedom and what it means. Read this poem if you need freedom in your life.
Leo was my faithful dog, my best friend for almost twelve years. This is dedicated to his memory
Depression effects many people if not everyone. i have come up with 7 ways you can change your life style and lift your mood without resorting to medication.
Are you happy or are you feeling symptoms of happiness? Happiness shows itself in many ways. The signs of happiness you see in others are the results not the cause of their happiness.
What is happiness. How to reach it?! How to be happy?!
Some tips for happy life and good mood. Don't miss this advices
Always remember that you deserve the best. I hope you will like this poem.
Last night Mother, Father, Harrison, Petros and I sit on the West Wing stoep and eat. Then comes up the discussion of what to do for my birthday tomorrow. What to do?
It's about a girl who is confused with her dream. This poem just came to me. Something triggered it in my brain and I don't remember what it was. I hope you like it. Please comment on what you liked and didn't like
Our happiness or the lack of it is in our own hands . Sometimes , simple things in life give us much more happiness ..
This poem says that one should never loose hope n keep his guard down in any case..always keep up!!
The precious gift is having your own mom and appreciating every little things she does for all her children. She is an inspiration to each one of us in a very positive way. Thank You Lord for a mom like mine. ;-)
Christmas time for families always seem to make the news in some way or another. Thus, I thought I would write up my own fictional news story about a family around holiday events, times, and places.
Adam gets a car and a drivers license but is concerned over the price of gas.
A new day just means a new way to restart your life with a new zeal and a positive attitude, that everything would be right.
Bad mood? Depressed? Things not going your way? Have a solution here. Take a small break and start with a new zeal.
People have become more and more selfish these day's and it is not only irritating, but also very bad to the whole world as people are looking into their own things now.
An old years reminisces as it waits for the Baby New Year to arrive! Happy New Year!
The day I had a very good luck. Unexpectedly found a bag in the street.I like to watch others' happy appearance.Look at her sincere smile.Generous behavior let everyone is full of laughter.
Hello all Nee- howmah!....Very nice ...A very happy new year for all friends and foes. A very happier 2015
The beginning of the end, Oh, how it seems like a turning of the tides. As the cataclysmic skies collapse in sorrow, I realize the one thing I was missing from my life.
I've always been hiding my depression through a mask of happiness. Nobody was able to tell. Maybe this will eighteen thoughts who are blind.
A tale to warm the hearts and souls of all on this festive day.
A young girl in a great dilemma trying to calm her mental state. Her mind has gone so wild for her to control.
completely new to member service? or just feeling like your in a rut and cant get excited about your job, Everyone you see or talk to puts you in a bad mood? remember just a few simple guaranteed to make an impression steps.
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