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Fed up of having to watch your Ps and Qs? Read on...
Reasons why people who are not well connected should not become an entrepreneur in the indian tech and internet sector, the harsh reality which no one wishes to acknowledge
How persecution, harassment and unethical practices of large corporates force small business owners to study law to survive
How the misplaced priorities of indian security and intelligence agencies has increased the crime and accident rate
How intelligence agency officials in india allegedly bribed by corporates are harassing webmasters working at home wasting tax payer money
Though the Indian government pays lip service to encouraging entrepreneurship, in reality they face a lot of harassment
How Indian security and intelligence agencies are harassing, cheating and exploiting a harmless single woman engineer without proof for more than 5 years, falsely claiming that she is a security threat only because she has saved some money for her old age.
Missing Steve Kinsman. Where is he? A brave heart of a moderator where others few are not.
Telephone harassment can make you crazy. You do not have to put up with hang-up calls or other unwanted phone communications.
A boy tried to tear the clothes of a girl in Public and no public was protested this and a lady covered the tear clothes with her duppatta and safeguarded her up to her house
Consumer protection laws are an important part of any capitalistic economy. This article talks about some of the more important provisions under the FDCPA which an average consumer does not know about and debt collectors take advantage of.
Series of poems aimed at guys (or girls) who simply can't take a hint. "No" sometimes (okay, most of the time) really means "NO". When it's over, it's over.
You want it to stop? Take it to court. Here's how to start the process.
This article takes a look at the meaning of harassment, laws governing it, and how it pertains to bullying.
How my persistence and determination got me a refund from a hotel that gave me bad service
Divorcing is not that easy what you think there are so much rules and regulations you have to follow once you are into it and when you strongly decide that you want a divorce then the legal actions are taken by the court in which the father of the child suffers a lot because when he i...
"Right from the beginning, I felt different from other people. I guess other people thought so too..."
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