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Greed and too much "good" luck unappreciated or misunderstood are not good. In reality, the earned is best. Dreaming of a big score instead of making genuine efforts to really win, even if you do "make that big, easy score" do not make a genuine winner. But, here, I will tell you succ...
This article is about the cause of poverty in a society. Two causes identified are structural and self. The structural is basically the governmental systems that create condusive environment for wealth creation or lack of it that makes people poor. The second is self, the poeple's own...
In this article, I look to describe my personal connection with the word 'resilience.' Specifically, I detail my life's journey so far, discussing what gives me my drive to move forward, and steps I've taken to achieve my dreams.
This is about a wealthy mechanised farmer with his four sons.
Think! We are all our own boss when it comes down to it, and any real advancement comes down to the genuine and objectively good actions we take on our own behalf in our lives. Sure, it is real and true what Abraham Lincoln said about "we are as happy as we make up our minds to be." B...
i am giving you 7 tips for hard work.Must read it .i think it will help you :P
Call Your Success, Drop your failure Down. We need to follow our aim with our hard work and keep going. At the last success will follow us.
A short story about a writer who started getting recognition.
Since ancient times, every human being dreams of becoming rich by earning higher every month. But only few are able to do this and achieve success. Here are some of the qualities of high earning folk which make them different from other people.
The most powerful thing you can do is creative. That is what the keynote of this article is. Without active creativity you cannot grow. With active creativity, growth can be limitless as existence is. Impossible? Well, let us take a look at existence: Have all the ideas in existence b...
About a common person with dreams of become a poet in order to enter a certain cafe and get closer to a certain female poet. The clashing rhythm is intentional.
So you have finally been published, you can scarcely believe it, but your work is not over yet, read on to find out more.
Most countries have attained the goal of democracy and freedom. Individually, we are lured to the path of wealth creation. But are we not in a rude awakening when our main goal of Peace of Mind remains a distant dream? Time for a reality check.
A story of a garage manager running his rural garage in the 1960's. His garage is a renovated, very old forge and the manager outlines the similarities of the blacksmith and the garage.
Having lost my handy man, I try to do my own 'fix-it' work and God has helped to keep me safe.
The freezer was full of rotting, spoiled meat in the middle of bear country. Knowing it was a dangerous scenario, I cried out to God for help...and God helped me do the impossible.
We need not only the lucky breaks in life but also the wisdom to spot and seize them. Let us accept with good grace the rewards for the choices we make. Every challenge can prove a blessing, even the one due within three weeks!
This article is about the persons who are doing their work forever without taking rest.
We start off still inteh elecrricalbusiness but due to health he had to change to something not so physical
There are many lessons that even a small creature like a honey bee can teach us. Hard work is the key to success in life.
It is good thing for parents to use every opportunity to teach that all important lesson
Nik Wallenda’s Historical Saga of tight rope walk on the Niagara Falls was a fitting tribute to the Fathers Day. Nik stepped into history, fulfilling the the dreams of Wallenda generations.
A man works hard in a ship yard. The poem contains words of the "job", it is hard, brutal and manly.
What makes us attractive to an individual? Why do we love some certain type of people? Why are we attracted to someone and not attracted to the next person? I had a personal experience in Class of which I want to share here in order to make this point.
This is just some mathematical stunts and coherence of how they correspond to a simple foundation of the christian faith.
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