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When we face hardships of all sorts and much discouragement , it is so easy to lose sight of the fact that we're not in this alone. There is divine help available to us. Many have already made it through life's toughest challenges, enduring far more difficult circumstances than we ...
To my breaking pount, trying to change things, quit drugs for the better me
domestic violence is not the key to life, we just need to find a way around it somehow
This article tries to answer the question: Why is this happening to me? Why does God allow us to experience difficult trials? What does the valley of despair look like?
This article tries to answer the question: Why is this happening to me? Why does God allow us to experience difficult trials?
What does being hard headed and taking the hard path in life have in common in life?.
Ancesters told stories the rivers never tell, it keeps its secrets well. Progress holds difficult ways. Dreams, progress, and time move slowly.
April PAD Challenge Day 29 from Robert Brewer take a line from a previous poem written in April and use that as a title of a new poem. This line comes from Our Bodies Together. Dedicated to my Husband Troy.
April PAD Challenge Day 16 from Robert Brewer blog of writing either a possible or impossible poem or both. This poem incorporates both.
When the going gets tough from trading The winds that is pushing at your arch back, Down into where worse hurricanes come blowing Hardest attack against the tide betwixt jagged rocks
Off the poetry prompt from Robert Brewer of writing a fragile poem. Dedicated to my husband.
8th in the More Than Series. This one about how life is more than just living.
November PAD Challenge Day 24- The truth about (blank) where in this the blank is love.
This article is about the persons who are doing their work forever without taking rest.
The Pilgrims who settled in the new continent America were inspired to celebrate the First Thanksgiving day on the new land which they had reached after great hardships. What inspired them to have such a day on a new land?
Sometimes we learn from the most unexpected people. Experiences in life teach us life lessons, we don't tend to forget. Life is a journey through our interaction with other people and the way learn is by gaining a greater understanding of life.
Working on April Poem a Day Challenges again to finish them. This is Day 30- Fade Away. Dedicated to the recent situation I have been going through personally and the emotions of life overall.
What we experience and how we are brought up make us the people that we become and its amazing the kind of strength that is within us that can be brought out by hardships in our path.
November Poem A Day Challenge Day 10- Different Perspective
Situations of life resemble with the game of chess. One can learn a lot from chess what to do in tough situations of life. Patience is one of the virtues one can learn from chess and apply in real life.
April PAD Challenge Day 28- The world without something else poem.
This is not my original composition, but i posted it here to share to all of you who haven't read it yet. THIS IS FOR YOU. I just want to share to the world what the world told me.
I wrote this dedicating it to a friend .. and it seem to have taken off to many friends-- I didn't realize i had so many differences, but it is indeed true for many of us-- so yes you may read this and say you we're my true inspiration... I applaud my friends for bringing this write ...
2010 November Chapbook Challenge Day 17- Tell me why (blank). Dedicated to my best friend Adam.
An inspirational true short story of someone I say significant in my life.
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