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The Harley Davidson Museum was built for the people who enjoys riding Harley Davidson motorcycles, enjoys watching them and the history about the Harley Davidson Company overall. Anyone who enjoys history and checking out early motorcycles that was made by the company should enjoy che...
I was a couple of months in to the thirty-six months I’d spend in California with my new wife before returning to my children in Colorado. I began to count backward from a thousand days out. My brother, who spent twenty years in prison, advised me not to do that. A bad way to do ...
~here one minute~gone the next~my youngest son creates clone videos~snaps characters in with his fingers~amazing to watch his work on you tube~zoodious he calls himself~I have seen many people snap out~very few snap back~before we are aware we are…~
~my brother was the least favored of seven children~I was oldest son~he was next~thin & undernourished as a youngster~he fought hard to stay alive~unloved & abused by his parents~he became a difficult man~he was my little brother~I tried to cover his ass~got my own caught in a sling m...
~fresh snow on a sheet of ice~35 miles an hour~car begins to slew catawampus~what the hell~he says to her~don’t touch the brakes~left front wheel catches the curb~pitching & rolling~end over end~7 times~thrown through the windshield~smashed like a bug~witness make the 911 call~there...
~Benny followed me from bar to bar~dumb ass kid thought I was cool~riding my ol’ ’71 shovel-head~he rode a Harley Sportster~a mini-bike~I left him in a bar one night arguing football with some obnoxious idiot~he refused to leave~young pup~after I left he asked the man outside~who ...
~35 years ago I stayed up all night~so I could experience dawn in the mountains~I sat on a large stone~inhaled a snoot full of mescaline~deep breath~inhaled the sky~colorado kool-aid~harley oil & gasoline~
~ old people in love ~ sitting on a bench kissing ~ former strangers ~ radio voice falling ~ politicians win wars ~ nobody else does ~ does it matter where we die ~ maybe so ~ I quit going to the bar ~
~ near impossible to go back home ~ mean streets carry you away ~ everything is smaller there ~ death smiles ~ the mouth of the child you were ~ spitting & calling you names ~ you wonder why~ don’t learn nothin’ ~ deep roar of your machine ~ wind in your face ~ to hell with it al...
~ we were city folks ~ my stepdad grew up on a farm ~ bought a rundown ranch in Wyoming when he retired ~ Momma asked what I wanted of her things when she passed away ~ I refused to consider an answer ~ I said simply ~ I don’t want your stuff ~ I want you ~
~ Sanchez passed me on his crotch rocket ~ I didn’t know him then ~ he took the interstate ramp too hard ~ crashed into a barrier ~ rolled off into the bushes ~ that’s how I met him~ picked him up ~ dragged him home ~
~ the soul is left to wander ~ dazed & confus’d searching ~ Jim Morrison ~ there is an ethical aristocracy just as there is a spiritual one ~ Nietzsche ~ children as our conscience ~ spirit guide intentional ~ WW
~beautiful friend~the end~Morrison ~species of fat green snake came here to die when it grew old~Nietzsche~if you're alone~I'll be your shadow~if you want to cry~I'll be your shoulder~Manson~dearer to my soul than its soul-life~Poe~
~she wakes in the middle of the night~wonders where she is~wonders who she is~five-years-old she knows~she has to get away~into the night like her daddy~when he was a little boy~before prison~Harley Davidsons & guns~
~riding Harleys side-by-side with monster men~laughing and dodging bullets~throwing back a few myself~some of us didn’t make it~when the bad ones go down it’s good~most times it’s not~we livin’ the madman chronicles~
~The Moon Man with the most insects in his jar was the star of the show. He was acknowledged in low ritual, encouraged and slapped silly while he smacked his lips, yummy-yummy, and ate the day’s catch of the entire group~
~rock ‘n roll~raw ‘n real~got my motor runnin’~high road to hell~screamin’ like a banshee when the bottom broke and fell~
~A rock ‘n roll drinking anthem~I found the whiskey man one day~his head down on the bar~I’d never had to hold him up~that boiler maker star~
A rock ‘n roll song~Went round to the dance hall~sign was on the door~said entrance not for everyone~just madmen, wolves, and whores~
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