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Big Motorcycle Break The Law on The Street in Jogyakarta Indonesia yesterday
What if an airplane engine used as motorcycle engine? Does it sound crazy? A mechanic Frank Ohle modified a motorcycle with an airplane engine. Imagine how noisy it will be.
The Harley Davidson Museum was built for the people who enjoys riding Harley Davidson motorcycles, enjoys watching them and the history about the Harley Davidson Company overall. Anyone who enjoys history and checking out early motorcycles that was made by the company should enjoy che...
~I’ve learned from near-death experiences that attempting to communicate & prepare to bid farewell to those we love & share our lives with is more difficult & painful by far than the physicality of dying itself~
A few years ago I was invited to submit a piece for the KEO Project, a time capsule to be launched into space, scheduled to return in 50,000 years. I sent the following bit along with Legend of New Horse, a song written and performed by myself, my oldest son, Tommy and son-in-law, Tr...
~I have ridden this ol’ Hawg through clouds~Gods have smiled on me and kicked my ass~a thousand drill bit raindrops~I hit the throttle~howl through to the other side~on the edge and one step further~over the top~
We poor rise lavish upon our children hope and a peace of bread water bites, torn nipple
Qualification a head full of notions some desire for employment
A twilight dreamer, your art fascinates and intrigues me - what your sun and night take away.
This is an account of how the downward spiraling economy is touching us all.
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