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When Marzeus arrives atop Tower Hills, he is in a real hurry. The first person he meets is Waldorf. Waldorf's truck seems ready to go too. What bad luck! Waldorf drove merely an hour before in his truck and got a flat tyre. It's not changed yet.
Let's face it, a ghost doesn't take up much room, but if you really want them gone, call in the professionals. Paranormal investigators might just solve many of the homes haunted issues since ghost hunters can either debunk or prove the presence of ghosts in your humble abode.
Voodoo was introduced to Louisiana by the African slaves. When voodoo was first introduced to Louisiana, the French would not approve or tolerate the religion.
the fact is that I need to move on with my life...enough is enough.
Imagine those countries having to pay restitution for all the wrong inflicted in the period of slavery.
the Good Shepherd watches out in every way for His sheep.
This is a Geo engineered program spraying chemicals that kill animals, birds and poison man injecting them into the atmosphere that harm...and I will not say anymore just watch the videos here....
The things which describe what makes a veteran, all good.
It is a poem describing the environment in which a common man becomes suicide bomber
A short poem about the slugs and snails in my garden and what I have done to combat the problem.
About the againstness of man to man and man against the planet. Those who come to harm others and how that is done
A short poem which describes world war as being near, and about how spiritual merits protect from fear
Competition is a kind of relationship in the ecosystem in which several organisms are competing from the same source of food. In the case that the source of the food is limited or scarce, there is a tendency that on of these organism will going to die or failed to survive and the othe...
One single mistake could lead you to death. If you are lucky enough to escape one torturous event then, you should be aware of this all the time as you will never know when a silent psycho strikes.
Yes, Reading about health on the internet can harm you .
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