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Amy Shojai, a certified animal behaviorist for cats and dogs has this to say about leash training your cat, “I refer to training a cat to leash walk as ‘liberation training’ because it offers your cat the freedom and safety to explore beyond the confines of the house. It enables...
Our environment is a major determinant of our health status, a filthy environment is a true signal to the dangers of incessant health problem. Whereas a clean and green environment upholds safety and good health status to the inhabitant. Therefore it is pertinent for us to be wat...
One thing that many people forget to do when they are buying or rescuing a puppy is to consider the ongoing needs and requirements of their new pet. A little planning can quickly help to resolve that problem and ensure the puppy is properly cared for.
Robert Frost ,an American poet -was much read and admired for his description of the rural life of New England.His selection of rural subjects has made his work easy to understand.
In this article you will find a list of the essential gear that you will need when mountain climbing.
An article on the necessity of using backpack harness to keep your toddler/baby safe and always in tow as per my personal experience.
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