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Things always don't work out by the way we hope.We should think the illusion of life is colorful and varied in different postures.
These writings are free verse and inspired by real life experiences. If you are having hard time in letting go, try to read this and think carefully of what you are going through. May this page enlighten you a little and get you back to reality. Enjoy reading!
Although Harrison and Mary have vowed on their word of honor, however dishonorable their word is, that they would never, ever, ever, ever, ever come to any family event again where Marzeus is present, because they don't like Marzeus for being who he is, somehow Father did manage to ge...
Some people have practised evil and division-sowing into an art form. That would be Mary and Harrison.
This poem tells naturally about love,how it goes,grows and shares joys and pains.
Have you ever had your blood boiling because of somebody deliberately trying to frustrate you, until you just have that uncrolled outburst? So have I.
I realized something today: I carry a lot of emotional baggage. As the years go by and things lay dormant, you do not realize it, nor do you care. But then like today, something triggers it all up to the surface and bam! There it is again, as raw and as horrible as it was when you p...
I'm between a rock and a hard place here. Is it wrong to think your brother is ridiculous? And with ridiculous, I mean a ridiculous human being who can be nothing other than ridiculous?
The wonders of creation will keep us enthralled forever but we should stick with the basics to unravel the mysteries. The foundation has to be strong but no species, including the mighty us, can really hope for outside help unless we prove worthy of it; looks like we are still stuck o...
A creative little dark poem that I wrote awhile ago and never got around to publishing it. Comments are open.
Analyzing the reason why Brahmins are openly hated in India by many citizens, their power, greed, hypocrisy, dishonesty and lack of humanity
Indian history serials should essentially be based on facts, otherwise, they propagate prejudices in the hearts of next generation.
In this page I will talk about why humans kill each other in my own perspective.
The state of affairs we find ourselves in is due to our inability to coexist based on live and let live, give and take. We should come out of a vicious cycle of negativity wherein we take a view we need enemies to find common ground and unity. Life is much more than finding fault in o...
What happens when hatred takes over? This page contains my idea on hatred and how people act when taken over with it
This poetry is about the current scenario of the world and how we can contribute to this world to make it a better place to live in.
Compassion, love , care , respect and laughs are being torn off by the fast moving harsh monster that our world and society have become. Forgetting what the right is and forgetting the norms.Application of wrong has blind folded us to see the reality just to get some worldly luxurious...
Thoughtless actions motivated by playing to the gallery for domestic consumption are stoking the flames of tension and war. When there are more pressing issues at home, why look for trouble far away unless it is just a smokescreen to keep the attention away from inconvenient truths. ...
while everyone is worried about the demise of the dollar and other world currencies and ISIS drafting rich, bored western girls, sitting around looking for the next socially evil thing to side with,
The radiating of loving kindness is more effective with the animals in the jungles. With mad people, this method doesn't work. Please don't try it.
Dog is the best friend of a man. This is the popular perception, but it is not so with me.
Religion is ultimate absolute faith in God,It is well known fact that faith brings God but argument makes it far. Religion makes the person humble and wide tolerance towards each and everyone,Those who are religious have ample faith in existence of the Gods and the Goddesses.
There is no substitute for a true love.No matter what temptations would be, love remains love and triumphs at the end.Love is love and it gives pleasure to the heart. There is so much to explain and feel when you are in love.
This poem relates about human experiences that cannot be avoided as long as there is life..It relates in depth the beauty of the heart and soul when in love....but not all are true to his words.
After many conversations with her mother and hearing too many lies, a daughter decides to stand up to her mother. She gives her just enough rope to hang herself. She calmly stated her point and each time received a yelling response. Not only that, her mother showed her true feelings j...
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