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These are a small collection of my short poems. I do hope you will like them.
There are more Dangers in jogging then you might think, especially if you live in Salem Oregon, where there are dangers in the park.
Read about some simple things you can do that will enhance your looks during the rigors of you chemotherapy sessions.
There is no limit for designs and fashions in making dresses, now a days artists are using several waste and other alternatives
A poem about a hat and how a hat should be used to get optimum satisfaction
With the hot weather now here for a while its time get out and enjoy the sun. Though take care as the good weather can bring with it some nasty surprises if you go out unprepared. Here is a quick tip guide to help you enjoy the sun safley
A long-standing tradition of the Kentucky Derby Day is hats! Hats and bonnetts abound on every well-groomed lady who attends this race.
Undulating waves of the beat I put my mind spinning straw into the sky,
i wrote this for my hubby who was just a boyfriend back then in 1997 and its also when there we're a lot of tragedies like princess dianna dying and mother teresa passing the end of august beginning of sept.......
Stay cool and stylish in summers. Know what to wear and what to do when the heat is killing you.
I have read a post of Creativity during my work at a logistics company. The message always reminds me that if needing Creativity, please find the Six Hats. Hats will make each person to get to the ball, and the defined sets of objectives. The "6 Hats" is Creativity!
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