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Everyone knows that it is real easy to cook with a slow cooker and you can pretty much cook anything with it. Not many people know about Campbell's Slow Cooker Sauces that just recently came out. It is really convenient to cook and better than cooking a frozen meal out of the freezer.
Looking for a few tasty places away from the usual tourist traps? Here are a few places that locals from Hawaii enjoy -- and you don't have to break your piggy back!
My 3 rd son, We call him Na'auao which means wisdom. The child of the wind. He is amazing. His talent to bring music from his soul , since the age of 4. A year later I would not see him for another 8 years.. nor my other 3 young children. He is of courage to be the one to set the exam...
Captain James Cook, the famous navigator, was killed by natives in Hawaii in 1779...
~ rock stars on the other side of the wall ~ guitarists & singers ~ wild-eyed drummers ~ I crank up my industrial fan ~ a Black & Decker special ~ chop the music up into digestible pieces ~ closing my eyes ~ I remember the wild days ~
Kilauea is a volcano is Hawaii, classed as a shield volcano. Read on to discover what this type of volcano is and what this new activity means for Hawaii.
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