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There is a class of medicines called barbiturates that have quite a few uses/. These uses go from sedation, headaches, and some kind of epilepsy.
This short story is about John, and his family. They were from the older generation, and they did not like to visit their doctor regularly, especially the men that is. Three male members of his family died because of this, including John himself. This story is one about family ka...
This article talks about healing on both the individual and planetary levels. The writer here claims that healing the individual in a way that fits them individually is always the best way to go. One way of approach never suits everyone. We are all unique. We all must heal, and be ...
A humorous poem about ailments, diseases and germs and how to avoid them.
The remains of the haunted Boyd's Sanatorium, mostly hidden from view behind clusters of boulders and pockets of thick and thorny desert brush is located far away from civilization, and appears to sit waiting patiently for visitors to explore the ugly secrets of its past that are hidd...
Are you tired of dealing with headaches? So am I! Here are a few tips to preventing headaches and helping you to deal with your headaches.
Do you feel headache? Can't hold it anymore? Don't you too quickly drink drugs, you better try this 3 foods before.
After suffering a brain haemorrhage three years ago, I was left with unbearable headaches, dizziness and a life I have no control over. Read further to find out how one session of Reiki healing, eased my pain and gave me hope, that in the future I can live with the effects of this tr...
These tried and tested techniques of the writer for headache relief, are ones that have been tested by him, and used safely by him, for many years. They are offered here for you to try for your own possible use. They have eased my own pain when nothing else would.
Among many healthy smoothies, the following is abouta a mix the calm headaches, just mixing two vegetables.
Drinking alone can’t make you ill…Some points to prevent HANG OVERS TWENTY ONE YEARS OLDS ...Are you partying tonight
Depression can be traced clear back to Hippocrates!There are many in this world who feel they have no life, some to the extent of giving up and ending life. Traumatic experiences, isolation, and overall feelings of worthlessness creates pain and misery. But you can come out a winner!
My article about migraine headaches is based on my own experiences with them, how they affected me, the medications I tried and which ones worked, which ones did nothing to alleviate the pain.
A lady Poyner from West Sussex, suffered from migraine for 20 years and discovered migraine cure by banana
Headaches nay be so painful but interestingly they may not have that accurate cure other than learning to balance your body functions!
One of the complications with, mostly with prescription medicines is that they all carry with them, seeming or unperceived side effects.
Did you know that the air that we breathe indoor is much more dangerous than outside? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the indoor air has approximately two to five times more contagious than outdoor air. In order to have clean air we should be aware of the dange...
If you are taking recommended remedies on a regular base to decrease the length and regularity of your complications, then you are under the Prophylactic or Protective Treatments.
Migraine headache typically are when the bloodstream in the brain enlarge and thus cause swelling and intra cranial pressure.
Many people around, like me, suffer from acute and chronic migraine headaches which are annoying all the time and unbearable sometimes. Usually in this busy life, people choose to pop pills but there are certain things, if taken care of, migraine attacks can be avoided
Many people can confuse migraine headaches with less severe sinus headaches. In fact, these are different kinds of headaches that are caused by different stimuli, have different symptoms, and as such need to be treated differently. Unfortunately, migraine headaches are often mistaken...
Headaches are often difficult to deal with. Understanding the cause of a headache may help some cure themselves!
The multitude of toxins within our atmosphere, billions of people reside having a degree of toxicity that's becoming increasingly an too much for human body’s detoxification system to deal with. Chemical tends tainting nearly anything, such as air, water and foods.
You have a good office environment and a computer to make your job easier, faster and safe. Safe? Think again. There are setbacks and hazards to look out for whenever you use your computer.
Stress is a killer and if left uncontrolled can dominate and ruin our lives
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