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Non-communicable are undeniably the leading cause of death in the world, representing more than half of all annual deaths which include over an estimated one million deaths among adolescent’s that were mainly preventable or treatable causes.
Children with asthma not only face this airway disease but also have to manage other allergy-related diseases such as those that affect quality of life.
This short story is about John, and his family. They were from the older generation, and they did not like to visit their doctor regularly, especially the men that is. Three male members of his family died because of this, including John himself. This story is one about family ka...
Since it is already summer have begin here and due to too much hot it's become problems to ride the scooter or drive the car in sun. Feel tired and like to have as much as water as possible to curb the thirst/
3 Things you may not have known about caffeine. Caffeine can be very harmful to your health in ways that you may not even realize.
A new research found a variety of health problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease influence fertility in men.
Healthcare is the most important topic of the day. Modern health world is frustrated at the conventional treatments because of certain failures and the increasing side effects. It is turning to the ancient systems such as Ayurveda to find solutions to the problems of modern health lif...
Obesity is a cause of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, endometrial cancer and other serious health risks of junk food and unhealthy eating habits are the proportion of obese two major reasons behind the increasing global health problem.
The number of obese youth in America is skyrocketing.
Explaining the importance of health and benefits of being healthy, this is all about health.
Many think that old age is as a stage of life where people undergo a physical and mental deterioration. To help the increasing older populace, we must prevent the sickness and help old people with health preserving support and avert further ill health.
If you feel like something is wrong with your health, it probably is. Here are some common ways to tell if you're having health issues
It's easy to tell if you have health problems. This is when you feel like there is something wrong and you don't feel like your normal self. We all have this experience.
There can be no doubt that protein is an essential nutrient. It is the main part of your diet. You need it for your metabolism, digestion, and other vital processes of the body. Protein creates antibodies protect your system. But excess protein may be dangerous to your health because ...
When you reach middle age, the thought of getting into old age turns into a nightmare, why? It is because we see the sufferings and the pathetic life of many of the old people around us. On reaching the point called old age, many, though not all, people tend to think that they have re...
Winter is a hazardous time when you have to shield your health carefully. Change in weather conditions, decreasing temperature and other dangers of winter may put you in trouble. You have to shield yourself with proper dress, food and restriction from unnecessary outdoor activities. ...
Anxiety is the trademark of modern lifestyle. Everyone is anxious about so many things in life. Anxiety triggers depression and diseases.
For ages, female breasts have been considered as an emblem of sexuality. They have an important role in female health also. When they are affected it affects individuals as well as others around them.
October is said to be the cleaning month in autumn. The ostensible reason is the approach of the festival season. While western world gets ready for the long holiday season, eastern world also prepares for festivals like Diwali. Cleaning in the modern busy life is a very hectic task.
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