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This poem is about a girl begging for her lovers love
Poem about hope and love trusting in love again. Landmark of a poem with being 1,300.
Even though someone may be in an unconscious state, there are things that you can do to communicate with them while displaying love and compassion.
How can so much insanity go on, even with many of us pointing it out? Yet, the insane keep going, doing the same things as always, oblivious to the consequences!
Birds flying in flight as they go along. The sounds and sights so beautiful. They are so loud with the whisper of wings. The call so tender. So light and clear. Hear the whisper of the call.
The angst of a lonely 20-something struggling to find life's path, the despair of living life in fear of pain, rejection, or even not at all, and the desire to find a way to live.
Why do some people stay in relationships when they should have left long ago? Is there some condition which keeps a hold of them, and their soul!
A new research has linked motor skills and perception, specifically as it relates to a second finding.
What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia
We capture different emotions and thoughts when we hear sounds. They touch our hearts with passion, happiness, love, fear, and many other responses. This song was written while listening to the magic of the trains whistle, while I sat one evening by the computer. It is one that is in ...
Do you know how to hear from God? Can you hear from God? Can God speak even today?
I am a teenager....and you too were a teenager once isn't it?then why are you deaf now or did you sell your heart?
The use of the solid cellular sheets can also be used to eliminate or reduce noises. These are a kind of foam sheets that usually made from dense foam which has large closed cell structure.
"Stop letting me down.." she whispers in her sleep.. with tears on her face and.. questions in her head.. Does anyone ever try to come and help? Does anyone ever put a little effort to put her out of this cold and dark place?
I made this one when I put together the senses, without sight. Although this one is something I just thought up and wrote down. Comments are open.
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