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This article describes the various hearing aids available in the market that potential buyers can look out for. It describes some of the cheapest brands that they should consider purchasing.
Have you ever wondered what it is like to gain a sense never experienced before? I know what it is like and I would like to share that experience with you.
Satirical look at a possible invention. The Noise delimiter is a first- of -its -kind, revolutionary "pro-selective" hearing device that reduces the unwanted tones and allows for a customizable hearing experience. Utilize the latest audio delimiting technology - 'Blind Screech Control...
Identifying the what is good and bad in the here and now, followed by a list and discussion of lessons learned in the year 2012. Pointed remarks about mistakes that should not be repeated will lead into important topics to be dealt with most immediately. Announcing some wonderful, mos...
Some early warning signs of hearing loss include ringing in the ears after a noisy activity, having difficulty of understanding what people say, especially distinguishing among words that contain high-frequency sounds.
Hearing Loss in America is on the rise, and this is something we all don't want to hear
If you find yourself in difficult listening situations, here are some strategies that can help.
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