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Consuming alcohol moderately may have some benefits such as reducing stroke or preventing heart disease. Numerous studies indicate moderate drinking can improve health and health outcomes.
The ears can keep themselves clean. There is no need for you to clean your ears. Read on to know the reasons why.
Even though someone may be in an unconscious state, there are things that you can do to communicate with them while displaying love and compassion.
We are from nature and sticking to its ways of self-renewal will stand us in good stead than trying to assert to deprive and humiliate others like we tend to do as a matter of course. We have to raise our bar in terms of coexistence and inclusiveness to take the next step forward in o...
We are ether Accepting or Rejecting through agreement
My wife was losing her hearing, she had hearing aids fitted and this is what happened on a walk soon after she had the aids.
The poem is based on our thoughts, both contradicting and self reliable. - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
People find peace in a lot of things. Where do you find peace? The world will always give you a counterfeit experience. But in the presence of God you can have a true experience with the father.
Sometimes I am led to open up to others and spread the Word of God. Planting a seed in someone's mind and heart may produce another follower of Christ.
Whenever you sing, whistle, or hum a tune you are playing by ear - because you heard the tune first. With practice it is possible to transfer the tune to a musical instrument.
Parkinson's disease , what is it? and how can we help, a deeper look into this Dreadful degenerative disorder.
Some early warning signs of hearing loss include ringing in the ears after a noisy activity, having difficulty of understanding what people say, especially distinguishing among words that contain high-frequency sounds.
Everything said and written by man – including all the articles published in Wikinut – is based on information absorbed through the senses, especially that of hearing. Can we believe what we hear and then expound it as truth?
Hearing Loss in America is on the rise, and this is something we all don't want to hear
The emotions of the heart spills over tremendously, when you are in love with the most wonderful person in your life.
How to enliven writing by involving all five senses.
Noise doesn’t have to be loud to affect us. It can interfere with thought, communication, performance, and sleep.
Tinnitus, also know as ringing of the ears. What are the causes of tinnitus and how to treat it.
Life is how you see it. It is how you live it and how you want to see it.
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