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This the continuation of the story of taking in a street person and the dismal effects she had on me when she left.
This is one of my emotional writing towards LOVE. How everything I've dreamed of had been a total nightmare. What I've thought about LOVE became the total opposite of it. Why I became who I am today. We have a lot of different views when it comes to LOVE and this is what mine is. I am...
Many suffer in different ways.Others cannot face their problem so they ended their lives shortly.Those who were able to surpass the hardest battles of life will never be afraid to fight until the end until peace be obtained.Human suffering is extreme.Pity are those who struggle due to...
Heart has a mind of its own. The heart, mind and brain often do not work in tandem and stray in different ways causing trouble to one and all.
Didn't mean to get personal, but i thought sharing this would help someone else.
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