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Heart Is All I Can Give Very beautifully folks put across the qualities of their hearts and so now read on how
My heart pierces just a desire to fulfill ones poetic aspirations ere !
I was told it was alright to post multiple poems so I thought I would start the new year that way. I even tried to be as up-beat as possible...Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed the posting.
Are you there, let me know? Many days have passed, you have spent many days in silence. Are you there, let me know?
heart is full with grief that know one understands you.
Do you think you really connect and communicate with your friends? Are you really being honest with eachother? Consider being open hearted, what would that feel like?
Can the destruction of someone's mental and emotional well being truly kill a person? Can the effects of this destruction cause a weakened state of heart and mind? I know the answers....I have died and been reborn.
Do you blame God for everything that goes wrong in your life or do you try to understand that God is perfect in all of His ways?
Again just simple poem, but carrying a deeper meaning.
This poem addresses the sensitive issue of teenage pregnancy. It explores the feelings of both the mother and father of the unborn child. Furthermore it reflects on teens' sexual attitudes and behaviour.
A poem about the times you wonder where your true love may be.
Age is just a number An attitude makes all the difference and this is what I show to you about being old.
This is a reminder that I do not have to fear the past anymore - because my Lord has set me free and healed me - and He can do the same for others too.
Thank you for never leaving me, In spite of trials and persecutions. And thank you for what you’ve done to me!
This article is all about Love and how love can get lost from us
A wailing ambulance siren, it's three am! It's coming here, down my road, Mavis, my neighbor's home. Outside in the crisp night air the paramedic announces those dreaded words;"heart attack"! I'm sure you've known someone who died of a heart attack suddenly and without warning.One d...
Love gives life to a hopeless heart. It breathes anywhere and everywhere even in dreams!
It is the pot of gold at the beginning and at the end of the rainbow... It springs the beauty that bends across the sky on a stormy days...
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