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The effect of work upon the heart. Whatever else in our body may be able to take a rest at times, but the heart can never take rest. When it stops, we stop. Naturally, with such a constant strain upon it, we should expect it to have a tendency to give way or break down, at certain poi...
Heart Is All I Can Give Very beautifully folks put across the qualities of their hearts and so now read on how
Heart Attack tends to occur suddenly, and the headline of the severe pain in the chest as a result of the lack of blood in the form of inadequate to the heart muscle. When erupt these pains, many do not care to believing it as a mother, will disappear after a while. But we should not ...
My heart pierces just a desire to fulfill ones poetic aspirations ere !
This is about the similarities between the car and the human body. It is a bit strange. It is also true.
For someone i love more than these mere words can illustrate. In hope she can feel what i see every moment of everyday i'm with her.
Some say coffee is bad for health. Others say coffee is good for health. Who is then telling the truth ? The question should be what is in your coffee that makes it good or bad for your health.
A little poem for my crazy heart that jumps following the wrong rhythm
Written for my beautiful girlfriend, a poem about being lost and found again.
Raw hemp provides a broad spectrum of health benefits, including: weight loss, increased and sustained energy, rapid recovery from disease or injury, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, reduced inflammation, improvement in circulation and immune system as well as natural blood sug...
Some people say coffee is bad for health. Others say coffee is god for health. Who is right and who is wrong ? Actually, there is no absolute answer on this question because not all coffee are the same. We need to qualify what is it in that coffee that makes it good or bad to our bod...
It is crucial to trust the Creator of the universe and ~ to realize as well as acknowledge ~ that He really does have wonderful plans for our lives. Taking it a step further we must be willing to cooperate with His plans.
The most effective way of blood vessel purification is folk remedies. It does not require great financial outlay, moreover, the treatment is usually sufficiently pleasant procedure in comfort of your home. It should be noted that the purification of vessels by folk remedies, among ot...
My darling, you are in my mind,giving me sleepless nights.
I like this poem but then again I don't I think its needs editing or more added to it. you tell me what you think.
to a special person at that time meant something but wasn't meant to be.I hate when that happens. but my nana always says things happen for a reason.
Sometimes this that are good are to good to be true. Sometimes we wish they are but get hurt when they are not
I wrote this because I got upset of the boy games guys play when we were younger. so this is dedicated to those that played games with the girls hearts and also to the woman who played with guys hearts too.
Always remember to think before you speak.Words can hurt.
Sometimes, even if we want to say them, some important things are left unsaid, and there´s nothing to do about it.
A little poem about the desires coming from a lonely heart that wishes to be truly loved and to be able to shine.
This article reviews a remarkable little book. It tells us how to pray, and also what to pray. The author has created a certain way of praying. He calls this his "breath prayer." "We must have on our lips what is always in our heart," he tell us. Within the Christian tradition of...
Hypertension or high blood pressure is often called a “silent disease” because you usually don’t know that you have it, thus making it dangerous.
There has been a lot of debate about the amount of water people should drink per day but studies suggest adults need six to 10 cups of water.
Bananas may just be the worlds first cultivated fruit. Bananas don’t grow on trees. The banana plant is a arborescent (tree-like) perennial herb. And the banana itself is actually a berry.
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