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Heart Is All I Can Give Very beautifully folks put across the qualities of their hearts and so now read on how
My heart pierces just a desire to fulfill ones poetic aspirations ere !
relationship breakdown is a fact of life. but we can create a new world, with brighter hopes when all seems lost after a relationship has nothing more to offer, life can begin again, and it can be a lot better than before.
Sometimes, even if we want to say them, some important things are left unsaid, and there´s nothing to do about it.
A young girl cries, dreaming of a love she has not meet yet. Is there any hope for her?
Hypertension or high blood pressure is often called a “silent disease” because you usually don’t know that you have it, thus making it dangerous.
The kidney shaped or bean shaped nuts have so many health benefits, a few of which are stated.
Compared to other commonly consumed fruits, apples ranked second for highest antioxidant activity. However, they ranked highest for the proportion of free phenolic compounds, which means they are not bound to other compounds in the fruit and therefore may be more easily absorbed into ...
Nothing, but her, to cause, and at the same time, heal all kinds of pain.
The person I missed the most in this life was me because I lost myself in others wants and needs all my life! I just hope that I can help a young person NOT do what I did.
Sometimes when emotions are eating you too much, you feel like you had no one, just look around you because you'll find something to hold onto
The memories weren´t hurtful anymore. Looking back to the past now made the young girl smile brightly.
Sadly, It was too late for the couple to try to rescue what was left of their love. The beautiful flower had died.
This is a quick poem I wrote this morning while trying to make sense of what is going on with my relationship.
It's comforting to realize that we do not have to make everything work out in our own strength. There is A Helper who delights in teaching us and assisting us as we travel this sometimes tedious journey of life.
Going through divorce was one of, if not the hardest thing I have been through. My only thoughts were for our children and what would happen to them,
Many times hurt by love.expectations never met,always some flaw.does love really exist?
As it is with love,it's all on then,all off,then all on again.Familiar poem most will be able to relate to it.
When someone breaks your heart it hurts just as much as physical pain.
Written for my Killik who holds my heart so easily.
This page will contain some poems I've written. Writing poetry truly inspires me and motivates me to achieve my goals. I hope the poems are good, and I look forward to reading others. Please help and support. Thank you!
Life may not always present you with a smooth path. Even in times of worry and change you can still find some comfort. Beyond fear there is peace of mind, that will set you free.
A poem of how being in love can tug on the heart and the mind which will you choose?
Spiritual poetry. Mother Nature Speaks is poem that speaks the truth, so if you don't like the truth, then you must have the wrong page.
Putting your heart song out there hoping someone listens.
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