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Heart Is All I Can Give Very beautifully folks put across the qualities of their hearts and so now read on how
Sometimes in our lives we have people who have hurt us so bad and tore our hearts apart that we believe it is impossible to forgive. This is just a prayer in times like these to give you a helping hand towards the first step in forgiveness. Forgiveness is possible.
My heart pierces just a desire to fulfill ones poetic aspirations ere !
relationship breakdown is a fact of life. but we can create a new world, with brighter hopes when all seems lost after a relationship has nothing more to offer, life can begin again, and it can be a lot better than before.
Nothing, but her, to cause, and at the same time, heal all kinds of pain.
The aftermath of extreme pain and heartbreak..a way to cope and be strong.
When you fall hopelessly in love to learn sheer pain comes with such things.
The beginning of the end, Oh, how it seems like a turning of the tides. As the cataclysmic skies collapse in sorrow, I realize the one thing I was missing from my life.
It's comforting to realize that we do not have to make everything work out in our own strength. There is A Helper who delights in teaching us and assisting us as we travel this sometimes tedious journey of life.
Are you there, let me know? Many days have passed, you have spent many days in silence. Are you there, let me know?
Most people have one person that they tend to run to every time they need someone to lean on, but what happens when that person is no longer around?
Going through divorce was one of, if not the hardest thing I have been through. My only thoughts were for our children and what would happen to them,
Loving someone who doesn't love you back is the saddest thing in the world that could man feels. and resulting to a heartbreak and ache i my self witnessed because this essay is all about my past experienced about love. because for me love is nothing but a series of chemical chain ins...
A broken heart certainly takes time before it goes back to its normal condition, so get easy on this situation
To you, the one that was supposed to hold me in your hand and protect me. The one that should have shielded me and protected me from my pain. I've been lost in pain without understanding of why you left. I have just a few words left for you, the one that has abandoned me. I have e...
When someone breaks your heart it hurts just as much as physical pain.
Its a poem about how a girl has to cope up with her feelings and try to keep up her self confidence and self esteem when she is heartbroken.
Always questioning and always pondering what love truly is.
After reading Carol's article on the destruction in the Philippines , ( which I recommend you all read ) I felt led to pen these words ....
Find another story of first love, a story of heartbreak, and a new beginning of hope. Every first is worth treasuring and remembering.
We all wish upon a star at least once in our lifetime. Do we remember the wishes we make? Do we learn and grow and live our life to the best that we can? I've learned a great deal in my life, my wishes may not have come true but I've learned to shine bright like a star.
Being in love with someone but knowing that they are happy with someone else
An exhaustive list on how a heartbreak can get one into a depression and sometimes not help get out of it
A 17 year old 's realization that although in her opinion her dad is wrong ,at the end of the day he is her well-wisher.
Hypertension is a term also called high blood pressure, capable of causing a vast amount of health problems. Elevated blood pressure can for example, increase the possibilty of developing atherosclerosis
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