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This is a sequel to a fellow writers well mind applied article..Hope you will make your own contributions also Now read on kindly please.....
Where in heaven! Where in heaven! where? just where ?read if you care ...Where in heaven!
This is a poem about addiction and that world one lives in that awful state, though at times it feels right when to the moon we climb only to fall back down to a world of our own making.
One time heavenly kiss Kisses are always welcome moms gals and sis daughter and miss
This short story retells the old story of a Samurai warrior's meeting with a Buddhist monk. The Samurai meets another type of power here, and is defeated by it, so that at last he then is able to return to being able to feel the love that he had once felt once so long ago, as a youn...
When in heaven..We all foolishly think of enjoyment after life when we ignore our hubby and wife ...on blessed ma earth Our real heaven since birth Amen Go to ..H E A V E N
This article explains what Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is and how it happens.
We can either be born once and die twice, or be born twice and die once; but not both. This a Spiritual part of life which declares where one will spend eternity.
Heaven is for those who have been forgiven of their sins. But what happens when we keep sinning? Simple! We keep asking forgiveness.
Oh God... I will now take a sabbatical to pray on behalf of Wiki let strangers behave decently they comment at times ..wantonly
Jesus Christ is coming very soon to rapture those who belong to him. Where will you be on that day?
This is a debatable topic and these views are mine and mine only.... I dare not impose my understanding upon others ...Do read it impartially ...or S K I P your decision if you have a mind of your OWN
I love the new film of Les Miserables .. I love its strengths and passions and courage , against all the odds ....this is my poem birthed from that film ....
Wrote this on April 18, 2013. Just my beliefs and thoughts on my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, what this world is coming to and what I believe should happen so that more people can be saved.
Where is heaven ....we still muse The life on ma earth is heaven ...make the most of it ere!>>>>>>>>>......
Where is heaven but on mother earth we only hanker what we don't have
The glorification of Jesus Christ after his death on the cross
The ransomed of the Lord will return. They will enter Zion with singing; everlasting joy will crown their heads. Gladness and joy will overtake them; old disgusting things will not come into mind anymore.
This is what the devil thinks about God - from the unfinished sequel to The Universe of God: The Chronicles of the Angels
The controversy between Noah and Ham was maliciously twisted to enslave billions in the name of God
What happened in Heaven, when Jesus was sentenced to death? No one knows, but just imagine...
From unfinished sequel to the Universes of God: The Chronicles of the Angels
Ever wonder how the birth of evil started in Heaven - what made Lucifer fall?
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