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This is a sequel to a fellow writers well mind applied article..Hope you will make your own contributions also Now read on kindly please.....
This is for those who believe in after life. The soul sheds a body and waits for another in a place we call heaven. It is the resting time for the soul, to recuperate from the excesses of the life left behind.
Please excuse me, I have been so sick these last few days, I promise when I get home tomorrow I will read all my friends and get caught up as best I can. My only tip for you is not to get old. This poem is about spirit and hope as we float through space on this old rock of ours.
One time heavenly kiss Kisses are always welcome moms gals and sis daughter and miss
I was told it was alright to post multiple poems so I thought I would start the new year that way. I even tried to be as up-beat as possible...Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed the posting.
When in heaven..We all foolishly think of enjoyment after life when we ignore our hubby and wife ...on blessed ma earth Our real heaven since birth Amen Go to ..H E A V E N
We can either be born once and die twice, or be born twice and die once; but not both. This a Spiritual part of life which declares where one will spend eternity.
Oh God... I will now take a sabbatical to pray on behalf of Wiki let strangers behave decently they comment at times ..wantonly
As we watch the leaves change from green to russet colours ,we know that Autumn is coming soon , when they have to let go it is when our loved ones get old and frail ...we too must let them go ....
This is a debatable topic and these views are mine and mine only.... I dare not impose my understanding upon others ...Do read it impartially ...or S K I P your decision if you have a mind of your OWN
I wrote this poem for my brother who was tragically deceased on 28 Feb 2013. I felt a need to make it public as a remembrance to him and a way in which to honour him as he was dearly loved and will be greatly missed.
Where is heaven ....we still muse The life on ma earth is heaven ...make the most of it ere!>>>>>>>>>......
Where is heaven but on mother earth we only hanker what we don't have
A man working in his study falls asleep to the ticking of his grandfather clock. In his dream he meets beautiful people.
The ransomed of the Lord will return. They will enter Zion with singing; everlasting joy will crown their heads. Gladness and joy will overtake them; old disgusting things will not come into mind anymore.
Christians seeking to operate under the power of God's anointing need to find out who they are in Christ.
Sometimes things just happen by chance or perhaps even through divine intervention.They bring emotions of awe and also an acute awareness to some, that somehow, possibly, we are not orphans of some exploratory,celestial beings, having been cast adrift on this Blue planet, to exist for...
The prison door of the world is open, but the world prefers to remain captive to the dark recesses and the uncertain offerings therein. It’s time to walk out and change citizenship
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