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Where in heaven! Where in heaven! where? just where ?read if you care ...Where in heaven!
Many have lived to tell the tale of a near death experience.These are my own thoughts on how it might be..................
When in heaven..We all foolishly think of enjoyment after life when we ignore our hubby and wife ...on blessed ma earth Our real heaven since birth Amen Go to ..H E A V E N
This article explains what Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is and how it happens.
Heaven is yours for the asking, simply by accepting God's gift of Salvation.
Consider and be grateful for the wonderful benefits that are included in the plan of salvation.
Sometimes things just happen by chance or perhaps even through divine intervention.They bring emotions of awe and also an acute awareness to some, that somehow, possibly, we are not orphans of some exploratory,celestial beings, having been cast adrift on this Blue planet, to exist for...
God has created us to be happy and peaceful. He has provided everything to keep our life happy. But we misuse the God-given riches for our selfishness and greed. We go against God’s purpose and make our lives sorrowful.
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