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University life can be hard. Money worries, making friends, fending for yourself in the big wide world (how do you work the washing machine again?) This page is designed to make your life that little bit easier. Here's a list of tips and resources for you to bookmark.
Have you nominate your best moderator? A moderator is the person who reads your article before publishing it. He is the person who gives you advice and reasons for your rejected articles. Read on to know ho is my BEST moderator.
Fifteen countries make up the European Union(EU). The map will show the countries that: -were EU members in 1994 -joined in 1995 -wish to join in the future.
Invitations are the mainstream of life and a fun thing especially when a common bond is shared by all. Most importantly, the welcomed guest is loved and respected when they recognize the invisible boundary of time, knowing when to call it a night without the subtle hint (stifled yawn)...
This is an article about how adoption is amazing and what you get out of making a life happy!
"Education is progressive discovery of our own ignorance"- Will Durant.It plays an incredible role in one's life. It helps recognizing one its own capabilities and potential and the way to achieve them to the optimal level. In contemporary times, there is need for reforms and revival ...
Since the merger between Sears also KMart,I see a big difference in overall as a success with there merger so far.I remember as a kid being teased with other students about the blue light specials in middle school.I see KMart as a impressive success since there make over of merchandis...
This is about true friends, on how to find and how to have true and real friends.
Love is what makes the world go round and good to be in ......we all need it ....but do we know what it really is ...and how to live it ?
Can music really ease your mind and get you past all those hard times in life?
Designed to help people think about their actions, thoughts, behaviours, lifestyles, routines and attitudes on subjects such as love, friendship, appearances and academic life
This article is about helping other people who is in needy situation. This kind of helps are the way to show our humanity.
Looks at what it takes to a sucessful and effective teacher. Also addresses common misconceptions about the field of teaching.
Exploring what it takes to be a good parent especially in today's demanding and often harsh world. Also looks at how to be a good parent if you have teen children, how to ensure that that connection between parents and children is not only maintained but also strengthened as the child...
Looks at the possible causes of people turning to drugs and alcohol. Provides advice for individuals, especially the youth, on life, love and drugs and the effects of a wild lifestyle on the mind. It explores the reasons why obstacles are put in our path and discusses strategies to de...
This article is about expecting help from our friends and relatives. We must help them whenever they need to expect the same from them.
What can we do about jealousy? Are we going to let the "green-eyed monster" devour us or are we going to "kill" it?
This will motivate the student and enable him to study in a proper manner.It will broaden his vision and will give him some new ideas.
It is so wonderful to see someone demonstrate such beauty in the use of information.
Never Give up - sometimes all we need is some encouraging words to enable us to continue through this yielding and mixed life.
This page is about self esteem and its effects on individual social behaviors.
Having a computer can open up a whole new world to some people. But like everything in life, there is a downside
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