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What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Can believers be defeated?
Many people turn their noses down on people who go to food banks. Poverty in Canada is a serious social problem. Not everyone who is poor is lazy, but many of us need a helping hand.
Fifteen countries make up the European Union(EU). The map will show the countries that: -were EU members in 1994 -joined in 1995 -wish to join in the future.
Just like a toddler may need a time out, there are times that mommies need one, too. Here are some suggestions to give mom a much needed break. Husbands, here are some great tips to get out of the doghouse.
Helping people some times that not good enough, because they still can do you wrong only thing you can do is pray for them.
The poem is another version of the message of the "Good Samaritan Parable".- WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
The Holy Spirit moved me and extend my hands to this needy man whose child is in the hospital with cancer. How about us, did we do our part to help others? We are once live in this earth, anything that we have must be use to help our brethren in Christ. God is the provider, and we are...
This is about true friends, on how to find and how to have true and real friends.
This is my adaptation of the story of the Good Samaritan - in poetry form .
We see hungry, thirsty, homeless and orphaned children everywhere. If we extend a helping hand their suffering can be lessened.
We see several things in our everyday life but miss some significant details.
The travails of GVR, a writer in a basement. Here you find two words: spags which means spelling and grammar mistakes and ESL means English as Second Language.
This is a poetry about a man who does not lend a helping hand and finds out later that indeed, if he had, he could have saved himself anguish and agony. We should always help others when we can. You never know.
This article is about pleasing other persons with our activities and helping tendency
Children who are of different ability need careful and skilful handling. All of us should lend a helping hand whenever possible.
This article is about the gratitude. We must never forget about the person whoever helped us in time
This article is about helping other people who is in needy situation. This kind of helps are the way to show our humanity.
Were it that I could do it all by myself I would be a God!
Exploring what it takes to be a good parent especially in today's demanding and often harsh world. Also looks at how to be a good parent if you have teen children, how to ensure that that connection between parents and children is not only maintained but also strengthened as the child...
Highlighting the need for that one true love, friendship, and how, without it loneliness reigns supreme over humans. A look at how a special someone can capture our heart and how much havoc it can cause to have them not be in our lives.
This article is about expecting help from our friends and relatives. We must help them whenever they need to expect the same from them.
Mothers are truly something special..They can produce something from nothing, support and be there for you, and make a house a home. They are the welcome hug, the tender kiss, the loving strength of a family...but what happens when mum falls ill? Sometimes we just have to step up to...
Who can you turn to when life's path becomes difficult to climb...Who will offer out a helping hand? Who will walk beside you and keep you company....This is the value of a true friend... Dedicated to the one who walks with me...
I was given this advice by one much wiser than I, and I have passed this on to countless others in my journey through life. I have taken this wise advice and put it in poetic form... This is a message that is worth taking on board...I leave it to you to judge my friends..
Friendships can be one of the greatest joys in our lives, or one of the most testing of times... Supporting each other is the basis of many a good friend, but what happens when that sometimes gets pushed too far...?
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