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This is a poem to someone who has lost someone in their life
Auntie Marienne. Yeah there's a character for ya. She's one of those people that makes your courage sink into your shoes.
A friend of mine recently went to Heidelberg Ger for a procedure that is not sanctioned here in the US. He returned last Wed, and didn't want to be alone. Since I am a CNA, he asked me to come stay with him, in sort of a caregiver capacity. I think the companionship had more of a bene...
A bit of background on me, what I do and my attempts to play for the Veterans Hospital in Atlanta Ga
This is a short essay comparing human services and social work as a fine profession and what it means to be a human services worker/ social worker.
If you are the philanthropic type, but are looking for something a little outside of the box from the bigger and more well known charities, you may want to consider the following causes!
Spiritual currency from helping others is some of the best and genuine profit you can make in life. This article will give detail and understanding on this reality as I see it.
Points about cv's and heping people to get up and running.
This page is a few things you can do for your kids to make homework fun and exciting for those children that don't like homework.
I just wrote an article about out-of-control cops overstepping the bounds of authority, and I wanted to "even the score" a bit by reporting that some policemen have hearts of gold and truly serve the communities where they work.
The crow flew down and saw the deer trapped in a hunter’s net. He quickly flew back to its friends. They made a hunter a plan.
Do we act like Christians or do we just talk about acting like Christians? Do we really need to go to church to be a Christian? What is the answer or is there an answer?
Helping people some times that not good enough, because they still can do you wrong only thing you can do is pray for them.
The Holy Spirit moved me and extend my hands to this needy man whose child is in the hospital with cancer. How about us, did we do our part to help others? We are once live in this earth, anything that we have must be use to help our brethren in Christ. God is the provider, and we are...
A Utah man who was once homeless himself has invented portable shelters to house people who have nowhere else to live but the streets.
This is about reaching out and helping others. Meeting a stranger off of the streets and making sure she was safe.
There are people, who are really depressed in their life. They need your support to overcome that. Spend some time with them and help them. You will realize your greatest achievement in life.
Working together brings good results. Standing up to somebody who is trying to swindle you brings character and a strong back bone.
Sometimes we are led on a certain path in life. We may not know where that path will take us and we are afraid, but when we trust in God we know that all is working out for our highest good.
From the prompt on Devaint Art Group write a poem about success.
A dog is collecting used pet bottles since 6 years, till now the dog was collected more than 26,000 used bottles for recycling, the Guinness book of records recognized his work
Designed to help people think about their actions, thoughts, behaviours, lifestyles, routines and attitudes on subjects such as love, friendship, appearances and academic life
There are times in each of our lives when we must stop to think who is caring for the children? Who cares about the children? Who is responsible for the well-being of children? Who is responsible for teaching the children? When and where does a caring attitude of love and kindness beg...
Kindness will take you a long way in life! Treat others the way that you would like to be treated! The people you meet on the way up, may be the same people you may need on your way back down. Doing right will be long remembered. Good deeds will be treasured in life. Those evil deeds...
This is a poetry about a man who does not lend a helping hand and finds out later that indeed, if he had, he could have saved himself anguish and agony. We should always help others when we can. You never know.
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