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Frightening to children with whatever it is, it's the biggest mistake an adult can do. Some childhood traumas may be overcome with time, but others may last for life.
Egg’s shell is a natural source of minerals and contains 90% calcium. Calcium is easily absorbed by our body because its chemical composition is almost identical to human’s teeth and bones.
Anyone who keeps pet chickens can save a bit on feed, and can get rid of some kitchen, and garden, waste, by feeding certain left over people foods to their birds.
It might surprise some people to know that chickens make excellent pets. Certain breeds are very friendly, and hens will lay eggs. If let loose in your yard they will also make a point of eating bugs. Learn more about keeping chickens as pets.
One can find wisdom in the smallest and most insignificant matters of life. Intelligence helps us to grasp deeper truths but many times so does common sense.
This article you will find the top 5 hen party ideas in blackpool
A poem about the fine hen 'the Rhode Island Red' . A workhorse of a hen that is kept for its flavoursome meat as well as its egg laying capabilities. If anyone has kept hens you will know that they can all have their own special characters....this poem is about one such character...
There is a lot of debate about what is “free range” and what isn't. The legalities of the definition vary depending on what country you are in. In most places it means the chickens have grass under foot. In my own world, it means they are in a chicken coop at night for their ow...
Many people wish to end suffering of animals but do not know where to start. One thing you can do to end the suffering of millions of hens is by selecting eggs that were not created using cruel battery farms.
Sometimes it is necessary to think outside the box if you want to achieve your goals. This is a light-hearted approach to be able to keep your better half in the way that they have been accustomed.
Call Ducks are small ornamental ducks often once used by hunters to lure ducks for shooting. Learn more about their care and requirements when kept as pets.
On July 12, 2011, my wife's bantam cochin hen hatched a brood of chicks. This is our first time with chicks so I wanted to share some cute pictures of them with you.
Some facts and figures about the eggs,its production and consume all over the world
This is a story of a hen which lived with us for about five years when I was living with my parents in my Village called Choutkur in Medak District of Andhra Pradesh, India.
Some people will tell you that chicken eggs are a chicken's abortions, or they are a chickens “period”. They might also tell you that eggs are chicken fetuses. This is to try to scare you off eating eggs. None of these things are true, read why.
This is a diary entry by a chicken. his journey with humans and about his love affair
Just relfecting on those days, when children saw the work of nature. Not so common today.
My wife and I do not own a dog, although both have had lots of experience with dogs. Since moving to the country we have had a different pet, one that many people might not have considered. Yes, Chickens make better pets than dogs. Let us compare owning of a pet dog to owning pet c...
What come to your mind when you heard the animal word “Turkey”? If you say it’s Thanksgiving, then were both the same. But before you plunge to that tasty roasted turkey, let me tell you first some facts about this amazing animal.
Have you got a garden? Are your children pestering you for a family pet? Do you strive to eat fresh healthy produce? Are you watching the pennies in these difficult times? Do you care about animal welfare? Would you like to reduce your food miles/carbon footprint? If you've answered y...
Chickens are gaining popularity as pets mostly due to the fact they lay eggs, but people often wonder if they can keep their chickens together safely with other pets.
Raising baby chicks is fun and very easy with just a few basic guidelines.
When my wife and I moved to the country one of the pets we acquired were chickens... although some folks do eat them, but ours soon became treasured pets. These are one of the most environmentally friendly pets and everyone should keep a few.
Eggs don't grow in egg boxes and chicken breast doesn't grow in cellophane packets. We are not a mass producing chicken farm, no, just a little self-sufficiency mini-smallholding in Spain. We are far from perfect, always got new and/or weird ideas on how to make ourselves independend ...
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