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Calendula (pot Marigold) improves blood circulation and is useful for alleviating skin ulcers, eczema, burns and bruises and for reducing scarring.
Calms and stabilizes the nervous system; relaxes the muscles. A great help for headache sufferers, too.
Rosemary is used internally for problems of the digestive tract, particularly bloating and cramps; it also stimulates the appetite and promotes digestion.
When inhaled, the oil relieves coughs, emphysema, asthma attacks, bronchitis, congestion and colds.
This is a short story about an old woman herbalist named Rosemary. She is a fountain of knowledge to her life-long friend, Elena. They often talk over a warm cup, or two of herbal tea, but it is usually Rosemary who does most of the talking. It was just the same here during their l...
Parsley is a herb that is often used as a spice in cooking. Curly leaf parsley is often used as a garnishment.
The health benefits of Chinese parsley. Chinese parsley grows wild in Europe. This herb is mentioned in Exodus in the Bible commonly called coriander.
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