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A worrying state of affairs! The Government tells us Cannabis is a bad drug. do we blindly believe and not ask questions... well of course !.. How could we let this happen?
Calms and stabilizes the nervous system; relaxes the muscles. A great help for headache sufferers, too.
I introduce a brand of colloidal supplements. It's the company AD MEDICINE LCC.
Ever since the time man discovered that certain plants were edible, probably through trial and error, herbs have played an important role in healing diseases.
Gardening can and should be considered as a genuine therapeutic tool. It is an exceptional method to deal with the symptoms of S A D. Scientifically it's been recognized that making your hands soiled can improve serotonin (the happy chemical) levels. Get in touch with soil a particul...
Need an herb that will produce great-tasting chili, eliminate mosquitos and flatulence? Epazote will do it. One of the wonder herbs of the 21st century.
Herbal medicine has become a popular way to treat many of today's ailments. From stress, anxiety and tension to depression, all have been shown to respond positively to the efficacy of herbalism.
Today Marijuana is widely used in a manner which is similar to alcohol. For those that are unfamiliar with the substance or have never experienced taking it I do ask you to keep an open mind while reading this article.
These are all natural products and plants that help you to become and remain healthy.
Herbs are beneficial to our health we use them if have have a illness that our doctor cant cure this is a guideline that informs what each specific herb can do and how to use it
Herbal teas and Indian Spices are used by many people, one must seek professional help before trying any herbal plant.
A fascinating article covering the history, ancient lore and beliefs regarding herbs, their aphrodisiacal properties, medicinal and culinary uses. A sweet, somewhat different perception of some well-known and much loved herbs. The Ancient and Modern Uses, Virtues, Delights an...
A short and succulent piece for acne sufferers to help cure their affliction and also for those of us who need to steam and clean using natural methods.
The Rigveda emphasizes the great importance of herbs for optimal health and well-being. The main verse ( sloka ) of this book states: "The sun should be a giver of happiness, the sky should be a giver of happiness, all trees and plants should be givers of happiness. All these should...
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