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Life as a female hermit, who has giving up on a lot of people.
A collection of poems by Lorenzo A. Fernandez, Jr., aka Lorenz
Now us Brits can be a funny lot, but when Spring has sprung and birds are all a-tweeting..we like nothing more than going for a ramble..unless it's minus 5 outside..! A tongue in cheek rant by Songbird B..
Why do some people enjoy killing others? Is there any cure for that psychological epidemic?
Many places have their local identities who become part of the local folk lore. One such character from last century was harry "Brusher" Mills, a snake catcher living in the New Forest of England.
Maybe he was a shadow, a ghost, perchance a smile on lips and eyes, of his betrothal nymph in woods, in an eternal solitude of her to guise.
inspired by Mt Athos, (Greece), where real Ascetic men still live! He jumps, my eyes are smiling, his weazen face invites airy Cherubims to accompany his pace,
My loved ones call me antisocial. I prefer to think of myself as a selective socializer.
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