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We manage to retrace our steps from the brink of another world war though our innate urge to tempt fate is alive and well reminding of an elephant’s mock charge! The challenges of pursuing our scientific progress while reining our destructive tendency can be met by finding meaning t...
Some movies that you watch will be always remembered by you with a thrill. Time will not take away the thrill and the sense of elation when you think about them even after years.
Villains in movies and on TV have become like gods for audiences. Here is a brief synopsis.
I was very happy and proud to be the author of the day yesterday (09/7/2014) and the I remembered the encouragement my father gave me when i had to do plenty of writing and carry out research during my university days. I would not refer to myself as a prolific writer as everyday ob...
A screenplay is a shorter, easier and more remunerative alternative to writing a novel. However, it needs special technique of formatting.
To you, the one that was supposed to hold me in your hand and protect me. The one that should have shielded me and protected me from my pain. I've been lost in pain without understanding of why you left. I have just a few words left for you, the one that has abandoned me. I have e...
Grandma was an inspirational light to all of us and she taught the children many things and myself as well. Learning to be humble and letting her talk about her daughter and understanding true love can come from different resources. The whole family was blessed with the visits from my...
A dark twist to a classic tale. Everything may not be as it seems, but fear breeds in the unknown...
Meet the hero blessed with incredible strength, enhanced endurance and no matter the injury, has the ability to heal fast but whether there is fame or fortune attached, this superman doesn’t want to be a hero.
Most great writers of our time get inspiration in various ways. Some get it from the movies that they watch and others in real life events that took place. Jose Rizal is the Philippines' national hero was once inspired by a woman to write a novel that will make a difference in the Phi...
A retrospective of the American pulp hero the Shadow, the Master of the Night
A look at one of America's popular fictional heroes of the 1930's and 1940's. And beyond.
This is a group of poems that I wrote please enjoy them.
Occasionally the news is not all bad. Sometimes good news pops its head in the door.
Hey guys I've been playing this Evony for quite a while now and I'm enjoying it enormously, however it was quite challenging to find a page which talked about all of a heroes attributes. Therefore i decided that it would be beneficial to post one.
My grandmother was not like any other I ever knew.
When tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma this past week, teachers risked their own lives as they protected their students from harm. Yet, every day, thousands of ordinary teachers quietly help children cope with problems such as poverty, family violence and abuse. That's why teachers a...
A hero or antihero, however remarkable he is, doesn’t make a good movie. Oblivion was about Tom Cruise and Iron Man 3 was about Robert Downey Jr.
We tend to look at persons of influence as examples but seem to forget that human element
Are you a real hero of a Damsel in distress in life?.
Someone that is a true hero in more ways then one. This poem is about my uncle Bill Tait who past away of cancer in 1998.
South African former president Nelson Mandela was admitted in hospital two days ago, now he is feeling better.
Titanic: A Must Watch Movie I have shared my movie review here.
Every dog has its own day is a well known proverb. Pumpkin has its own National Day. America celebrates National Pumpkin Day on 26 October.
Technology is bringing us together in a tighter embrace by the day. Shakepeare's words ring true - all the world's a stage. We have to lend our shoulders for positivity to triumph as technology and progress give negativity too the power to upset our apple cart in no time!
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