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Popular chat application WhatsApp full of hidden features. However, many users are not aware of it. Especially if you are a new user applications. WhatsApp Here are 11 hidden features that can enrich your conversation with the speaker via text.
Boy, I had to wake up early to finish my work in time to go along with Father, Mother, Auntie Rene and Uncle Gus. Today we are going for our pecan nut cultivation course at a pecan nut farm.
The pen is mightier than the sword, but our power of speech comes from The Lord
This is just a little look at how today's world must appear in the eyes of the innocent.
this page brings to light some truths that many don't know about the AIDS orphans
Upon entering the Plumer Street home most people say that you cannot deny an unexplained chill that embodies your very being right down to the bone. The home is the oldest two-story home on the street, known for a number of mysterious deaths, secrets, and tortured sprits that appear t...
This poem is about is about our secrets, we keep hidden deep inside us. We fear of our secrets getting exposed and of being rejected.
Treborth Botanic Garden in Gwynedd, North Wales is situated beside the Menai strait and at just two miles from Bangor is a delightful hidden pleasure, I say hidden as many people go over Menai Bridge each day and don’t even realise it’s there.
If this 1% of the world population act out globally to implement their austerity plans on us, it´s common sense that we the 99% remaining should act in the same way.
These are some of my personal experiences, which I am going to start with my teenage years and continue on section after section.
This article hypothesizes that there are events; not listed in the Scriptures, which add important details to the Parable of the Prodigal Son. This brief article invites the reader to take a fresh look at one of The Bible's most well known Parables; thereby, possibly viewing it in a ...
A beautiful violin should never be silence or discarded
It's amazing how fast a lie will out run the truth ....
When dealing with shame, keep it (hidden) short. Here's a short, but deep, spiritual message. Can anyone decipher?
A poem about the north star, how it sparkles and why it is a great object to have in the skies.
This poem is general human tendency to hide from being public.
Takes a look at how we portray ourselves to different kinds of people and the reasons behind these kinds of portrayal. These splits are slightly more pronounced depending on the situation and what we are tring to achieve.
These acrostic poems were written back in the days. A hidden message within it revealed feelings i had for a girl.She smiled after reading it... gave me a kiss and a hug then she cried.
This is a short poem which discusses some of the challenges we face in this world
There are more mobile phones than people on the planet. How did we ever get by without them?
Inspired by the photo of the same name by Michaela. Seeing things in a different perspective.
Inspired by the photo of the same title by Dream Shadows.
Do you know me..? Really know me...? You may think that you do, but people have so many layers....How can you tell when you have reached the final one? This face that you see, may be nothing more than the mask I wish to display to you...for now......
This article was inspired when I heard a powerful song called Wade in the water and decided to investigate it's origins.
There is a beautiful thought in the heart of each person, sometimes we see it in their personality, clear as bright penetrating colours, and at other times, sentiments of lovely gesture. But you cannot always tell that a person has a good intention by beautiful sentiments, some measur...
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