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This article is part of a series I am writing on my various ailments before I had bariatric surgery in July of 2015. I write this series to remind me how sick I was and how I never want to be that sick again.
We wouldn't be able to survive if we didn't have cholesterol. But we only need a tiny bit. Any extra cholesterol can accumulates over the years , and cause all kinds of medical problems that can be serious.
High cholesterol is most likely caused by unhealthy eating habits and incorrect living lifestyle. It is not a heritage disease and does not pass on to your future generation. High cholesterol disease can be cured and keep under control with these healthy tips.
Unhealthy cholesterol levels can lead to very serious health problems, but thankfully, there are some very powerful and effective natural foods that you can eat to help you lower your cholesterol and maintain healthy cholesterol levels going forward.
Ok I am going to tell you something which every woman needs to know.
High cholesterol causes high blood pressure, obesity, shortness of breath, and you would be surprised how bad a role carbohydrates play in LDL(low density lipo proteins), your fat cell growth in obesity.
High cholesterol is very harmful for the body, it is describe as a waxy substance, that is found in your body. Cholesterol is generally transported in the blood plasma of the body.
This is a write about the effects, and misconceptions of Cholesterol.
Summer is the season of activities. But modern children spend more time watching TV or video games and developing a sedentary life. This will turn a curse to the future of the whole humanity.
The level of cholesterol in the bloodstream greatly affects the risk of developing heart disease. You can do a number of things to lower high cholesterol naturally without prescription drugs.
Diabetes is without a doubt one of the worst medical condition anyone can possibly have, bringing with it the four major killers, high blood pressure, high LDL Cholesterol, strokes and heart attacks.
Most of us know that high cholesterol is a health hazard, tending to predispose towards artery and heart disease, and that many people in the Western world have high cholesterol. Doctors in general are seemingly dead set on plying us with Statins or similar drugs in an attempt to trea...
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