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A short story about how despite things changing, people still stay the same.
Selecting a best Catholic high school for a child requires a lot of research. This decision affects the future of a child who will face the world after getting all the knowledge from the school. Various key factors need to be pondered over before making the right choice.
There is a problem that will be stewing in Pennsylvania soon, especially in the southwestern part of the state. In the next ten years or from around 2015 to 2025-6 there are going to be 278.000 older people that are going to retire . The people of this part of the state aren't ready t...
Smart kid invents a clock. Brings clock to school. Dumb teacher thinks it's a bomb. Why? Because the kid is a Muslim and what else can it be?
We are in high school now with just one more year before graduation and despite our differences Danny and I are still best friends.
How does one rate education, is education just formal education, does street smarts and life events count?
This article is mainly about what nerds are thought of. But yet, while this article is written by the perspective of a nerd, it actually shows what stereotypes are false, and I may mention some that are actually true.
A recent event in a high school graduation ceremony spark controversy about "Freedom of Speech" with a video gone viral in the Philippines
Adam is delighted when the newly wed teacher announces that she plans to continue teaching but not everyone agrees.
This article was in my book. It is about competition in high school.
Sometimes we do things in high school not really realizing the impact that we have on our own future or the impact we have on our friends.
But what came to pick us up was everything but her dad in a luxurious vehicle. It was their gardener in a dirty old pickup truck. The back being fully loaded with broken glass, tin cans and lintels. I did not want to sit there, so at the top of my lungs I yelled: "Shotgun!" And ...
Margaret Peterson Haddix is one of my favorite YA authors. She writes for a thinking audience of hopeful individuals willing to see the world differently. While her books in a series are great and popular, her stand-alone books are what I enjoy most. A recent one is FULL RIDE.
Mona and Felipe are in Harbour Duffett for the grade ten exams. Mona and Ada are once again sharing a room while Felipe is given a room with two new boys.
Felipe and Mona have mixed feelings on the last day of school.
Tjirpie, the beautifully singing, very talented girl, holds a concert at the high school to show off her talent and make some money.
Creating a school for our movie's characters is quite the task. You have to option to build a school, change a building into a school, render out a school in 3D animation software, or use a photo of an existing school and tweak it into your own creation.
After over three decades two best friends from high school are reunited after losing track of one another. The secrets they never were able to share back then are about each are now truly remarkable and ongoing!
'Oh my GOD! means. It wasn't a nightmare. I...I really was attacked and bitten by a zombie!!'
'Why are you slowing down?' Asked Mike, his eyes still on the tablet. Again, there was no response. Butthe moment he raised his head up and looked at the glass in front, he noticed that the driver's eyes hadturned a scarlet red and from out his mouth, live worms were emerging.
Mike sighed and sat at the kitchen table. He loved Nancy alot and was concerned about her obsession with the old derelict high school. She would not ever talk about it openly. It was as if she was keeping something from him, some dark secret about what was there down below, or worst s...
A contract for a heart is made, and then broken; and a new potential love is found.
Is Taylor Swift's huge success as a singer/songwriter due to her ability to connect to her highly emotional audience?
An outline of what I believe friendships should be, as well as what they should not be. If you know people struggling to understand what a friendship truly is, perhaps you can present this as a mirror for them to bounce their worrisome questions off in reflection.
Message in a transfer between multiple entities, can lose accuracy, which can later cause conflict between the transferor ii recipient messages. The goal of this workshop is to alert participants to the possibility of erroneous transmission and its consequences.
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