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If newly elected Donald Trump really works for working people in the US and for world peace, he might as well end like JFK.
Second in a series of articles using the biblical Book of Revelation to interpret current developments in the US 2016 presidential election. Here in a somewhat rambling fashion, I embark on an exploration of the 'Clinterests' of three Hilarys: Clinton, in the US, Beckles in Barbados,...
Analysis of a pivotal speech by PM Freundel Stuart launching celebrations marking Barbados' 50th year of independence. Stuart simplistically accuses others of hypocritically demanding perfection of Barbadians while being imperfect themselves.
To commemorate the BBC's "Democracy Day", I'm launching a "sprawling novel-like" analysis of mental health provision in the UK and elsewhere. These articles offer a holistic view of my past and on-going interactions with various Norfolk and Barbados-based individuals and organization...
In this second instalment of my "conscious coupling" of Barbados' Reverends Holmes Williams and America's William Holmes McGuffey I explore the connections with earthly government that affected their ministries. How did these unquestionable "servants of the Kingdom of heaven" reconci...
As Americans contemplate what life might be like if Hilary Clinton becomes their first woman president, I offer some serious food for thought about the dangers of Fundamentalist Feminism. This article was first published as an appeal to the United Nations and other international agenc...
A report on suspicious activity suggesting a hacking attack on my mobile phone and online presence following communication with an American politician yesterday (30 October 2014).
This page is about Bill Clinton and his impeachment from the White House. This short article will give you many facts regarding Bill Clinton's removal from office, and explains just why he was the first American President to be impeached since 1869.
Timeline leading up to Benghazi attack on 9/11. The unanswered questions, and questions that have not been asked.
What if our Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton were to take our letters seriously?
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