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Regrets can be very powerful and life-affecting. "If only I'd worn my seat belt." "If only I'd given that boy/girl my number." We think about how much different life would be if only we had not made the mistakes we perceive. Would a mistake-free life be a better life?
The Mancharians speak in essence of Time-Space continuum from a slightly different angle and in quite linguistically profound ways. It is hoped, however, that the knowledge so imparted can be discerned "in time" with patience and conscientious effort. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
What we see when we look at yesterday is often a lot clearer than what we see when we try to look at today or envision tomorrow.
How we over time can see the danger in some of those things we may have done.
This article looks at the possibilities of what could happen if human beings had the power to change history.
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