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Festivals of Hinduism: Navaratri: Nine nights of festivities.
Temples of the Hindu religion double up as places of business bordering on extortion
We are dependent on Sun for our survival. But do planets of the solar system have any effect on our lives? Astrology believes so. If that is the case would praying to Planets solve our problems?
The Narmada river could be the oldest river on earth. Rocks from the Precambrian and Paleozoic ages are found in a valley that she flows through. According to her devotees, she is a mother goddess who provides for them materially and spiritually; the giver of immortal bliss.
I like Hinduism because It does not compel me to read the religious books. It leaves everything to my choice. It allows me choose my god, the shape of my god, the color and clothes of my god. At last what I said was: [i]"I like it because It is so[b] liberal[/b] that it [b]liberally ...
According to a 2009 survey, 77% of Americans believe in some description of angels. While skeptics often relate a belief in angels to irrational superstition and wishful thinking, countless new spiritual perspectives surface each year which include the possibility of angels among us....
Durga Puja is a 6 days long Hindu religious festival celebrated in extensive regions of Eastern India with its epicenter at Kolkata (erstwhile while Calcutta)
Every religion teaches love and harmonious human life. Every human being in the core of his heart has an affection or love for his coexisting human being. Let us not look at any body or religion with a prejudiced view.
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