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Festivals of Hinduism: Navaratri: Nine nights of festivities.
Halloween and shraddha have similar overtones. Both festivals concern the departed souls
Among all the fabulous Hindu gods, Lord Ganesha is the nearest to the actual level of awareness, most clearly contracted and most able to support us in our daily walk of life and concerns.
This article gives the real concept of celebrating the festival Diwali
Diwali is one of the most important Indian festivals celebrated by the Hindus. It has a great significance since the name "Diwali" means "display of lights". Diwali fills humanity with great enlightenment and happiness.
Navarathri, a traditional festival of religious Hindus, is celebrated to praise the Triumph of Good over Evil! The festival is observed over 9 days and culmimates with "Vijayadasami", day. A very colourful and joyous celebration providing a feast for eyes!
Durga Puja is a 6 days long Hindu religious festival celebrated in extensive regions of Eastern India with its epicenter at Kolkata (erstwhile while Calcutta)
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