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India is also known as Hindustan and as a Hindu nation they have now completely banned beef.
Why do you think Buddhism looks like Hinduism? They are two totally different religions. Please read on to find out.
Our perceived differences hold sway to prevent us from standing by the vast majority across all borders irrespective of their beliefs. Our leaders have to rise above frivolous and selfish political bias, hidden agendas, to address problems threatening to get out of hand.
Poverty is not a crime, it is not a disgrace and it is not an affliction. It is a condition of a very apathetic society. The rich get richer as the poor get poorer. Karl Marx said this a century ago.
This article will be about why people don't always believe in Christianity. (TAKE NOTE THAT I AM CHRISTIAN)
My thoughts on the afterlife and how different religions look at it.
Hinduism is a very old religion and over teh centuries tales of demons have emerged.
This the answer I provided to a questioner in my work for Got Questions ministry. He wondered about other religions and where Old Testament believers went upon death.
Temples of the Hindu religion double up as places of business bordering on extortion
This page takes a look at Indian mythology, and how it is used through out different Indian cultures and religions. From farmers to Aryans to Hinduism, India has a rich mythology.
The reality is pictured by a few people in such a terse manner as The PK team has done. The fantasy which is more real than fantasy.
Love JIhad is starting to take center stage in India both socially and politically. But what is it? Is it even for real? And what can be done about it?
Religion is ultimate absolute faith in God,It is well known fact that faith brings God but argument makes it far. Religion makes the person humble and wide tolerance towards each and everyone,Those who are religious have ample faith in existence of the Gods and the Goddesses.
The article is a viewpoint on religion.The religious aspects of today and how it can be a savior to our society.
The relationship, or lack of relationship, between religion and morality
The basis of Hinduism is found in the Vedas or Srutis or Upanishads. It is also held that the Bhagwad Gita is the one single work that provides the essence of Hinduism. The Hindu view of the universe, god and man is not easy to define.
I may not be living safe, if you were not with me. i would be deep in river if you have not given me the side. You are everything, Lord Krishna. Feel the love.....
Caste system is in vogue for thousands of years and divides Inida. Unfortunately precious little has been done to make India a classless society
This Poetry is devoted to Lord Rama. I hope You enjoy. Be careless, when you are on the feet of Lord Rama.
The Lord Krishna remains in every loving heart. And he is the other name for the deep, true, and pure love.
Yoga -- Not just streching, but an ancient method for attaining self-transcendence and union with the God-Being.
Hinduism is a very old religion, but it advocates a veg diet and a system of exercise that has come down from the time of the Mahabharta or earlier
I am putting this on a page as I think it is very important information that DEEPA VENKITESH shared on Facebook... Many people will not believe it for it is an Eastern belief and so many Westerners are stuck in their own narrow be it..but I have learned of this from othe...
Few people realize the detrimental effect religion has on a soul’s journey through life. Being caught in a doctrinal falsehood has the power of stunting our soul’s progression for incarnations yet to come - if we allow it.
The great saints used many symbols in Hinduism to teach us how to live a better life. Lord Krishna is the symbol of modern day man and a close watch to his actions will give us an idea to overcome our daily challenges.
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