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Hapgood asserted that people, or more precisely, intelligent Geographers and Navigators had charted the New World many centuries before Christopher Columbus. His most controversial claim is that of the mapping of the Antarctic mainland, 6000 years before it was first sighted in 1820.
I do believe, the land of my birth is worth hoping for. Like a prizefighter, trying to rise up from a fall caused by a heavy blow. I’ll stand up. I’ll not give up on her. I’ll do my share.
This jam packed how-to-guide predicts the future of your history tour although you never know exactly what you might come across along your journey into a time before your own. Learn the path of local legends and necessary haunts.
This really is not a poem about history, or war, or blood. It's a poem about love.
Chapparchiri Burj , famously known as Fateh Burj is located in Chapparchiri ( a village in Mohali ) . Through this article , I would like to give a brief insight about the Fateh Burj and its historical connection . The victory of justness over might . A famous battle involving exempla...
Situated in the heart of Old Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar is one of the historic city’s most iconic sites.
Ternate Sultan Mosque is a mosque located in the area of Sultan Khairun Street, Village of Soa Sio, District of North Ternate, Ternate, and Province of North Maluku. This mosque is a proof of the existence of the first Islamic Sultanate in Eastern Archipelago (Nusantara).
In 1979, Republic of the Marshall Island or Marshall established and an agreement Compact of Free Association with the US was signed, which came into force in 1986. Republic of the Marshall Islands (alternative name: Marsyal) is an Island nation located in the Western Pacific Ocean. I...
This is the story of the first gold discovery in California
First Tram and Metro ran in the city to make records of the time.
Some of the largest and most beautiful castles are located in Europe, but the United States has its fair share of these elegant fortresses that some people call home.
I have always been a fan of history, straight A's you might say. thinking if we know the past, we know today.
This is one of the historic garden cemeteries I have visited.
Hood River is a beautiful place in the Columbia Gorge
Mitcham railway station opened in 1882 and closed a few days ago. Now, she is just a memory as the destruction is complete and her former grounds are leveled. This is a follow-up article to "The Last Train From Mitcham" by Porle Joen published on January 3, 2014.
This page will show you some things that you might to know when you are visiting Costa Rica, I am a Costa Rican as well so, this maybe can be useful for the person who wants to go on a trip to Costa Rica.
Watch horses thunder down the track. Wander around a more than 200-year-old battlefield. Shop for souvenirs next to a ballerina. Enjoy all this and more by visiting Saratoga Springs.
The countryside is a cluster of stones and enchanting mythical places of outdoor interests, to make history come alive from Saxon times; which has left its emblematic mark on the framing of narrow winding roads.
Are you planning a trip to Salem Mass? Know where to go and what to see when you get there. A tourist's guide to the best attractions in Salem mass.
Bhangarh Fort is supposed to be a home to spectres at the fall of dusk. The fort is manned by just one night guard who frequently reports hearing strange noises, something that is said of almost all "supposedly" haunted places. My friends and I, though, now know better
The Historic Soldiers Home District is located in Milwaukee, WI. The district was at one time a whole separate town named Woods, WI. The efforts from a couple of women who wanted something for the soldiers that was returning from the Civil War. Some of these buildings are now currentl...
The new nation emerged in 1971, but the history is much more longer and deep, and full of hypocrisy and betrayal
On a quiet still night.. Listen carefully They are there.... Night Marchers, Menehunes, Pounding of the Drums, Urban Legends Beauty and splendor. Bringing the past to the present. a culture that thrives among the current life we live in today. Trapping you for the moment to how c...
my life has being wonderful but it really haven't being a bed of roses for me but life have been fair to me,
This is just a brief review of Reclaiming Our Heritage at Milwaukee VA Medical Center. The event is very awesome experience and would to see everyone out there reading this story to come on out and check it
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