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What if you could eavesdrop on a conversation between two distinguished men of the cloth at a time in history when their power was - supposedly - absolute? Would you be amazed to find out that they put their stockings on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us?
On May 26, 2014, Americans and people around the world will celebrate Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a day we honor all our veterans and those in military service. Though author Gillian Chan is Canadian born, the efforts of her book, _A Foreign Field_, are very appropriate Memorial Day...
Historical fiction usually focuses on brave, honorable, decent heroes; the Flashman series is a semi-comic chronicle about a coward, reprobate, thug, and bully who fooled the world into thinking he was a hero, too...
The 6th of November - by Pablo Solares Acebal (2014) – Horror / Historical Fiction Novel - 100 pages The 6th of November is a date that the townsfolk of Requejado cannot escape. Set in the 1930's during the Spanish Civil War when the church was under threat and the world felt anothe...
The Gates of Rome was written in 2003. It is about the early life of Julius Caesar and his friend Macus Brutus.
This is my first Phillipa Gregory book and I enjoyed reading it, the many jostle for the English throne, to the trials of the Spanish and English Inquisitions, the sighting of angels in fleet street, Hannah Verde the main character had a gift of seeing into the future, how well she sa...
One of histories most valued treasures is found at last while creating one of histories greatest mysteries
This is a review of The Book Thief. The Book Thief searches to explain the duality of human beings and words their ability to display amazing love, kindness, and mercy, while simultaneously being instruments of evil.
my life has being wonderful but it really haven't being a bed of roses for me but life have been fair to me,
A true reflection of the hardships and difficulties faced by the Native Americans as they marched the Trail of Tears
This book has many different aspects to it which include domestic abuse, A good part of this book is based in Afghanistan.
To waste time, just read Fever 1793. It is a great book about a dark time in America's history.
Giants in the Earth (1927), the first in a trilogy, is an epic tale by Ole Edvart Rolvaag.
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