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Experience over the past decade has demonstrated how to address HIV among young people. In countries with concentrated epidemics, programs and resources must focus on adolescents and youth who engage in risky behaviors, including injecting drugs, selling sex and men who have sex with ...
Troubled Hollywood star Charlie Sheen revealed Tuesday morning that he is HIV positive.
Surprisingly sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in older people.
this page has a presentation of the statistics of HIV/AIDS, the truth is that it is a disease that is wide spread and the recorded figures are only what is known, there is a lot to be done to come up with an exact figure of the people who are infected with the disease.
HIV has a lot of impacts on education, the children who are either infected or affected have a lot that they go through, this page has a brief presentation of the way this disease has affected education.
Some people may not know that today is World AIDS Day December first, this moment is celebrated to raise awareness of the worldwide AIDS epidemic caused by the spread of the HIV virus. Own AIDS Day was first conceived during a meeting of health ministers of the world in 1998. Since th...
this page highlights how HIV-AIDS orphans have so many challenges facing them.
Top health officials pay glowing tribute to nursing profession founded by the iconic Florence Nightingale many years ago
Let's examine the root of stigmatization, using the example of media coverage, and it's effect on society.
According to (AP) what seems to be a treatment for cancer, accidentally turned into a cure for HIV. Two patients who were confirmed to be HIV-positive in the United States having gone through a bone marrow transplants that was meant solely to treat their cancer, turned out to have en...
Emma a 6 year old child is suffering with Leukaemia and as a final risk of trust the doctors are used HIV infection virus to cure the Leukaemia.
Cannabis isn't so bad if you have cancer or aids. It helps lots of patients when conventional medication aren't effective. It does come with side effects like all medications.
If you're working in a hospital, you should beware of co-workers not telling you of their aids patients
Do you feel weird after a date and wonder if it's an STD? Well, read on to see if it is.
Inspired by my 12 year old daughter's First Place Science Fair Project, this article will teach you about Cryptosporidium, also known as Crypto, and help you gain an understanding of what it is, where it comes from, symptoms, how it can be spread, who is at risk, diagnosis, treatment ...
Read to know details about HIV vaccine.
HIV/AIDs has affected and killed man for decades now with no hopes of finding a cure. There is one major reason why man will continue to die from this ugly monster.
A breakthrough has been made in the fight against HIV and AIDS and findings are indicating that the treatment is at least 88% successful against most common strains of the virus.
WASHINGTON. History in the making. The first ever daily pill to prevent the contaction of HIV was approved on monday by US regulators.
Breaking News: German Doctors are confirming that they have found a cure for AIDS! A pateint has been confirmed to be cured of the disease after the ground breaking treatment.
A short story showing the consequences of our actions and choices.
What is it that you can't do or say when you're in love? When you find that special one, then you need nothing else in life except life itself and whether asleep or awake, when you make love, you'll be making love to your dream girl.
People suffering from AIDS are not accepted as just another persons suffering from a lethal disease. They are looked down upon. A Cancer patient might get all the sympathies and prayers, then why not AIDS patients. They need us! They need our love & care not our anguish or ignorance. ...
Sixty prominent researchers from around the state of Orlando, Florida gathered to advance a collaborative HIV/AIDS research agenda. Seventeen expert presenters participated in four audience-interactive panels covering ethics and three types of HIV/AIDS studies; clinical trials, epide...
People have all sort of myths about this disease ostracizing socially, not know that we are all at risk
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