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This is just a simple list of how things can progress with a hobby like playing the piano. Many kids see it as a chore but it can be fun and entertaining for everyone. Plus it is something to show off about around the holidays.
Everyone has at least one hobby but only few of them change their hobby into a business.
I have enjoyed the fish-keeping hobby for 5 years now and have had multiple tanks. I've also worked in the pet industry where educating and selling people fish was part of my everyday job. Here's my guide to the wonderful world of pet fish!
In course of time the children are grown up into boys and now the boys are motiva ted into successful intelligent students .The boys are properly guided by their parents in consultation with their respective class teachers. in this way the boys remain satisfied with the role of pa...
This is about the art of quilt making and what it means to me.
The is a summary of ways to run a small business selling antiques. It doesn't cover every possible way to do this, but the most common ways.
No matter what job or hobby you have, there are always a certain amount of stresses that make you wonder why you continue to do what you do. A writer isn't exempt, and as such, I've encountered many irritations that make me question why I continue doing what I do. It doesn't pay the b...
These are futile for those who spend a large amount of money to fulfill their fondness or snobbery. These are fruitful for those who are the clever hosts of such activities.
Do you have that something or someone you want to take picture of? Well... you were like me few weeks ago before I discover that it's fun to make photography a hobby.
Well this poem tells about how I feel about my poems and from where do I get inspiration to write such poems and what I describe in my poems.. :)
A humorous look at the myth that writing is not a real job
The silent record of lands, peoples, beauty, and ways of the world, can be found and viewed in the world of stamps, and enjoyed by old and young alike.
Grandeur, garbage gone away today..Join my hobby club I do say
Choosing the right tools and equipement is the key for a successful maintenance of your garden. Make sure that you invest with durable and quality tools, here are some tips when choosing the right one.
The wonderful world of photography, it really is a beauty hobby, interest or living if you let it be. Getting to know you camera and what it can do it the best way to learn.
Are you struggling with depression? Here are a few ways to help overcome it on a daily basis. This is not medical advice, but peer support!
Some suggestions for indoor activities especially when you're unable to leave the house.
Now in this era some find it quite painful to retire, as circumstances really hit them hard
Gardening tools are essential for the maintenance of garden, it is advisable to purchase quality tools to maximize its useful years. Here are some tips in using these tools while working around in your garden.
Wouldn't it be great if you could do something you love and make some money at the same time? Well, turning your craft into cash may not be such an unrealistic venture after all. With some simple tips you could be on your way to running your very own online business.
Gardening is best exercise for the people, gardening relaxes the mind with green plants with fresh oxygen air, it also give us fresh vegetables.
It talks about how online writing has become a new form of journalism. It has become the main source of livelihood for some people and the advice that are meted out to freelancers to enable them make enough money online.
Basically just how I feel about writing. How lucky I am to appreciate such passion and skill. Just how much I love writing.
October has only just started and already things are busy here on our little sheep hobby farm. In less than two weeks we have four more sheep and others on the way. And on top of it all it is snowing!
Photographers are a special breed of people; they fixate on the world around them through an artistic point of view. If you enjoy taking photos then maybe it's time for you to think about making a career of it, that is what Chandra Bryan did.
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