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Laundry day. What more can I say...? Dirty clothes, I suppose, simply reacts with my nose.
Rebounding into a relationship is not the best cure for a heartache. In fact, it makes your heart ache just that little bit more. You can also end up meeting a heartbreaker. What rebounding does allow, is, it enables you to forge and coincide new relationships. For better or for wors...
We have scars on us which is the fingernails of the past. It might not be that of love. Perhaps a painful past but if you are lucky enough to be without scars of the painful past then do not judge another person's scars because you do not how they were made.
A poem about the fear of life. The fear of living life, the fear of letting go, but no matter how we struggle with the fear, life goes on with or without us. perhaps we should rethink before we start avoiding chances in life in fear we might get rejected. sometimes in life there are n...
we should remember that life is a broken-winged bird ,life is a barren field frozen with snow. so hold fast to dream, if dreams go away, it's true and we feel always. this is the realization of a great poet "Langston Hughes". my poem is written on the basis of poem " dreams" of "Langs...
Romantic poem written for my wonderful Killik that I love dearly and want people to always know about.
Inspired by a wonderful man that I care about very deeply.
From the Robert Brewer prompt to write an old poem and this is about how things use to be in certain aspects.
April PAD Challenge Day 4 from Robert Brewer blog write a poem taking the phrase “Hold That (Blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and write the poem. In this case the blank is replaced by the word dream. Dedicated to my hu...
November PAD Challenge Day 14- Stuck poem. Dedicated to my husband Troy.
is about trying to explain what love is about and what it is not about
Off of the prompt In My Hand I Hold by Write/Market/Design. Dedicated to my Troy
Off the poetry prompt from Write/Market/Design. Dedicated to my Troy.
Sometimes, we just need to be held...To hug someone can be so beneficial, so healing, and supportive... Just the touch of another person's arms around you, can make the world seem all right again..after the darkness of a Storm...The power of being held, should never be dismissed light...
A song about the highs and lows all being a part of life
A song for a friend in need of a little peace and comfort
A poem off the prompt of letting go. Wanting a certain person to let me go.
That's why I bare this pain.. No matter how hurt it gets.. When I see you near to me.. But I can't hold you.. But I can't kiss you.. When you are so near to me.. But I can't even hold your hand.. It kills me.. But I have no other options...
When it's time for me to go.. Will you pull my hand and tell me not to go? I wonder.. Will you stop the time and hold me back.. When it's time for me to say goodbye
Rabies is a disease that is always fatal in humans unless it is caught in time. Infected dogs and cats always die within a few days of showing symptoms. Knowing what to do when you have been bitten is very important, but have no fear, rabies is slow and won't kill you over night. T...
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